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Worst support and speed

Iasonides 8
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Been having a steady speed of around 12 mbps for the past 5 months. In the past month chatted with live chat around 4 times. Always end up getting the message where I have the chance to cancel my subscription after 30 days. 30 days pass and I never got that option. Also never got an option of a replacement router like I have seen other customers or an engineer sent out. Anyone else experience something like this?


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Hi Iasonides 8


I've checked the connection stats and your line is in sync at 77.6mb.


Please can you power down the router for a full 30 minutes and then run another speed test?






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Have just received the new router. Download speed at 13.2 and upload at 15.3. What do you suggest to do?


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Thank you very much. Will let you know the results when I get it


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Yeah we’ve tried 3 different routers, factory reset them and changed the MK3 plug from the wall nothing worked


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Hi Iasonides 8,


I've ordered the router, it should be with you within a couple of days but please allow up to 5 working days for delivery 




Super Duper Contributor
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The OCEs will be able the chase this up in the morning for you.

Is it wireless or wired your speed is struggling on?
Steve -
Have you tried turning it off and on again!

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I managed to set an appointment with one of your engineers, he came last week and checked the line which indeed sends that speed to the router but the router does not send the appropriate speeds. Next day an open reach engineer came and tested the lines and said they weren’t faulty. That was on Wednesday the 12th of May. He said that the router was faulty and contacted your service to send out a router different to Sagecom. Haven’t received it yet.


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Hi Iasonides 8


Thanks for updating your Community Profile.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults and your line is in sync at 69.9mb.


Can I just check, have you tried powering down the router for a full 30 minutes and then running a speed test once the router has been switched back on?






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Thanks I have just updated those. 

Support Team
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Hi Iasonides 8,


Can you please update your community profile to include your:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Alternative contact number

We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated. 





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Hi @Iasonides 8,


If you go to the Service Centre what does it show for your estimated speed range. If you log into your router to check your sync speed does this show speeds below that estimated range. If you run a speed test (ideally from both a wired and wireless device so that you can compare), how close are the speed test results to the sync speed shown on your router.


For one of the TalkTalk staff on this community to be able to look into this you will need to update your community profile to include your name, landline telephone number that your TalkTalk service is provided on & an alternative contact number. This will allow them to identify you, and they will then be able to help.


Don't post any personal details in this thread, just add them to your community profile.


The staff here won't be around now until Monday, but they should be able to respond to this post early next week to help.