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Would like to add 2nd router for wired and wifi connections

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As I understood that my Huawei TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub
Version v1.05t doesn't have bridge function I am wondering how could I settup my nighthawk xr300 gaming router as router for wired and WiFi function?


Thank you


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You know I`ve been toying with my system it contains a ZYXEL  XMG3927-B50A (router/modem) this is my Gateway router. This is connected to 2 x TP-Link Archer AX50`s routers.


Up until a few days ago I had it wired up like so ZYXEL router to First AX50 via LAN to LAN using Cat5e cable. Second AX50 via LAN to LAN using Cat6 cable.


IP address was +1 digit higher for both AX50s so not to conflict and DHCP was switched off on both Archer AX50s. All routers had different  Wi-Fi SSID names. I had great WiFi all over house and I could not notice any NAT problems but after advice on the TP –Link forums I was advised to switch on in both AX50s the Access Point via Operation Mode and switch from LAN inputs on the AX50s to WAN .


So I`ve done this and for the last 24hours or so been running it like this. The Wi-Fi chs were not changed and all is working and all hardware running off my LAN ports all working OK. So that’s how mine is wired up with 3 routers in my system.




Wise Owl
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Have a read about using the DMZ in this article...


It's not ideal and remember if you do this you will bypass the security of the TalkTalk hub so you will be reliant on the Night Hawk for security amongst other things.