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cannot cancel broadband because of covid-19

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I had talktalk broadband at my old flat and have moved to a new home with an existing provider which I do not want to change.

Therefore, I want to cancel my talktalk broadband connection.

From talktalk's website I understand I can only do that over the phone, 03451720046. However, this line informs me that the cancellation service there has been discontinued due to COVID-19.

I am aware that other users have been experiencing the same issue for more than a month, and have been advised to open their own topic concerning this issue, which I am herewith doing.

(compare post 5 in here:

Please kindly advise how to cancel talktalk broadband during COVID-19 times.

Thank you very much,


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That phone number is open MONDAY-FRIDAY  10am-6pm (days not as normally advertised).


You need to work through various prompts and ask for the LOYALTY team.  


If you can't cancel there you can write to them as described in the Ts&Cs on the website. Keep a  certificate of posting if you choose this method. 


Keep your Direct Debit in place until you are sure you have settled the final bill, @Mxtalk .


If you need further help,  TT staff will need to identify your account.  Please complete your community forum profile details.  Go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard; save any changes. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.