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Enlightened One
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The last 2 days around 7pm till about 11.30pm my connection has gone crazy its gone right down. I normally get great speeds. It’s gone to crawl speeds. I normally get around the 70 Mbps download but between these hours it’s between 2-3 Mbps to 7-8Mbps.


I`ve even connected direct with cable to router/modem and still rubbish speed. I`ve not changed anything, cables etc. and like I said I`ve always had great/stable speed of 70Mbps download plus of Wi-Fi. The speeds have been noted on all devices!


Yesterday on the 1st day I tried turning router off for 30 mins plus to get new DLM connection but that made no difference but come 11pm speeds started to pick up and around 11.30pm I was back to getting top speeds of 70Mbps plus again. Can you find out with Openreach is there doing anything in my exchange (which I live behind) as speeds historically are normally great but last two consecutive evenings have been terrible.


Its gone midnight and just done a test via my laptop did a speed test and was getting via wifi 71.1 Mbps download. So like I said its normally great speed.


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Glad all has returned to Normal.





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Well it seems to have stopped now it was for 2 night at about the same time for about the same length of time. Its never (well never seen it) done that before. I normaly get great speeds. I just did a quick speed check. The wife is streaming a film, 3 kids online video games/youtube/etc also I`m online. Plus phones/firesticks etc taking bandwith and Im still getting 63.2Mbps download via WIFI.


So whatever was going on seems to have stopped. I had not done anything my end it all just seemed to have started and ended just like that. Gremlins/Openreach/TT/act-of God take your pick 🙂


Anyway Happy New Year


Support Team
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Hi bigkenny


I'm sorry for the delay.


Just to confirm, does the speed only drop between 7pm and 11pm? (wired)  The speed is then ok after 11pm and before 7pm?


Is this the same every night?