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why are you charging me £24.95 per month and advertising same speed and package for£22 per month not the way to treat loyal custmers,also chat line not able to change packages not a happy customer!


Support Team
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Hi charlie9


We advised all customers about our decision to end our fixed price promise, we sent you an email on the 19th March advising you of this change and giving your the option to call us or leave free of charge. 


Your plan was affected by the £2 increase from April this year, which is why your bill has increased.  


Sorry that you missed this. 



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Offers change all the time, @charlie9.


It's partly the luck or otherwise of timing, but usually you can haggle when it comes to renewal, so don't just automatically accept the price suggested in Offers and Upgrades in My Account.


What is uniform is the full price when out of contract. See "our pricing" in the forum search engine. 


Just be careful if haggling earlier than the last 90 days of your contract  - see one-off charges. These can be applied if you try to change your package mid term. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.