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for the attention of the community team.

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I replied to thread I started 

posting information with reguards to speed tests.

I recieved PM. from Anonymous, 


Re: Slow broadband getting worse',thas been identified as potentially being spam and has been held in our spam filters.

please reinstate my post.


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Hi urie57,


I've checked your other thread and it appears to have been posted now, apologies for any inconvenience



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@Gliwmaeden2 , @ferguson

I will try and repost but change format I was jusy copying and pasting results from TalkTalk speed tester, perhaps because format was the same system thought it was spam. My wife did recieve PM yesterday I think she mentioned that I had trouble with spam filter but she did not have the results those were on my laptop. And she doesn't know how to do speedtests.

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@urie57 Perhaps you posted links that the automated spam filters didn't like? They don't appear anywhere that we can see so we could not check or reinstate even if we wanted to. Maybe modify and try again?




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I've taken a look and can't see anything in Containment or Abuse under your name, so I think that your post may have been removed by an automated detector  - like with email spam detectors, these can be blunt tools and often get it wrong.


Normally in the help threads staff only deal with one customer. You were writing on behalf of your wife, but the system was not clever enough to realise that, nor to recognise that you were the original poster. 


I can only suggest that you try reposting,  @urie57 in that thread, but keep it as concise as possible. If there were reams of statistics there's sometimes a problem. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.