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full fibre not available but openreach says its ready

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I can get broadband as per openreach but talktalk says its not there.

I can see it on bt wholesale too.

How do i get it fixed?




Thanks for your recent enquiry via the Openreach website about getting faster broadband.  

I’ve looked into your enquiry and can confirm our systems are already showing that Fibre to the premises (FTTP) is available to order. All you need to do is place an order with your chosen service provider to enjoy the benefits of faster fibre broadband.

I’ve looked into your enquiry and your service provider should already be able to place an order for you. Not all providers use our network, for their reasons, so you might need to shop around to enjoy the benefits of faster fibre broadband.

Openreach doesn’t provide phone, broadband or TV services directly to anyone so to get these services you’ll need to contact a service provider to find out about the packages they can offer you and the speeds that you’re likely to get. You can find a list of providers here


If your provider has any issues placing an order ask them to contact us directly.


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I registered my interest with Openreach when I spotted the fibre cabling teams on my road. Some months later I received an email from Openreach this spring saying it was now available. Sky were taking orders straight away, but if I tried to order on TalkTalk website it was saying not available. This was the case for at least another month, but eventually it said yes it is available. You still need to ring them to make an order. Just keep trying. I left it over the summer and eventually their marketing rang me offering a better deal than online.  Install on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.


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it would appear that there are steps needed to be taken by talk talk in between Openreach saying FTTP is available and you being able to order via Talk Talk.

its a shame that is not a simple process to engage with talk talk to find out what needs to be done and time scales involved.
As I'm sure if people knew what the situation was it would be a lot less frustrating that just being told no.


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If and when TT decide to offer Future Fibre in your area, it will appear as an available upgrade in your online account.


However, do remember that currently TT do not provide any phone service at all on the Future Fibre products, not even VoIP, it really is Data Only.