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slow broadband & Technical Team in denial

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BT Openreach have recently installed fibre in our road but when I asked TT if I could order a fibre connection to our house they said it wasn't available. Eventually they said to enquire with BT Openreach who indeed confirmed that they'd be happy to do it (FTTP - Fibre To The Premises) but, as a subcontractor to TT, would require an order from TT. Back to TT who re-confirmed it wasn't an option because the fibre wasn't there 'according to their records'. Back again to BT who confirmed it was available so no option but to switch provider after 17 years with Tiscali/Talktalk.

What a stupid way to run a company - to deliberately keep their customer care staff uninformed of developments in the vain hope that customers will take their word for it that new developments like FTTP isn't an option. 


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TT are not selling FTTP as yet in all areas where the infrastructure is in place.


If you search the forum you'll find a 18+ page thread on this.


They appear to be selling to new customers first too.


If you do go with TT FTTP, it's broadband-only and you'll lose your phone line.