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slow speeds / wasted a lot of time with support / help me please

First Timer
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We are approx 100m from the cabinet.


Paying for VDSL since Sept/Oct.


Supposed to get 57Mbps down or more.


We did get 19 down for 1st few months. Now we get 12 down.


I have a new router today and that gets 12 down with that too.


We have latest 5c master phone socket with Mk4 faceplate.


I have been on 3 long chats with support. In Oct they said leave it a week to see if speeds go up. If anything it is worse now.


Last chat they want to do tests again.


I just tried to phone (chat was so slow) and "systems are down - please call back later".


I suspect that we are not even connected to the right cab.



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Hi @garibaldi22000


If you start your own thread (new message), wed love to help.


Weve found that posting in someone elses conversation makes it harder to follow when looking for an answer.


Its easier and quicker if we can chat with you in a single thread, if you start your own thread, that will keep our community organised and help others with a similar problem.


Check your home phone number or account number are also added to your Community Profile as that will really help us to find your details quicker.





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Yes, please

I’m still only showing Speeds of around 30 mbps i.e the same as I was getting pre-Faster 150 Fibre.



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Hi tkmax


I can raise a complaint so this can be discussed further with a Complaints Manager, would you like me to arrange this?






Team Player
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Could somebody help me too, please ?


I switched over to Faster Fibre 150 yesterday & was pleased to be told by the Openreach engineer that we're receiving 159 mbps. This is great considering TalkTalk only guarantee 110 mbps ! .... or so I thought.


However, I'm only getting (max) speeds of 39 mbps download & 31 upload according to TalkTalk Speedchecker.


I spent a couple of hours live Chatting with lots of tests carried out but no solution.

When I checked the Service Centre page, it quoted a max guaranteed speed of 40 mbps (?).

BTW my router is only 3 weeks old.


What can I do next ?


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How TalkTalk provides service to my phone socket should not really have to be any concern of mine - that should be TalkTalks own business.


All I know is that I have been actively sold a product and promised a certain level of service. We upgraded from ADSL to VDSL and were told that we could get "minimum speed 57mbps" and are paying extra charges for this.


Turns out that this promise could never be delivered with the phone line connected the way it is. 


Even now you are saying although there is no good technical reason we can't be connected to the nearest cabinet it is a maybe because it is impossible for TalkTalk and Openreach join up the dots or even see where the dots are without looking and you can't look anyway.


Will you atleast refund the additional charges we have been paying?


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Hi tkmax


Did the engineer advise that this would need to be completed?


I think for this to be actioned this would be cease and re provide, you would be without service whilst this is being completed. Also it's not guaranteed that you would be connected to this cabinet. Apologies for this.






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The engineer found a fault which she says she has now cleared.


Our speed went from 12.1 download up to 12.5 and the engineer expects this to readjust up to between 17 to 19 over the next few days.


The engineer reported that we are connected to cabinet 37 approx 1km away. So we can only expect less than 20 download speed. 


At the end of our road, less than 100 metres away is cabinet 63 which has fibre.


To achieve your "minimum guaranteed speed" of 57.3mbps we would need to be connected to the cabinet that is next to us.


Can we please be connected to cabinet 63?



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Hi tkmax


The engineer visit has now been confirmed for 20/12/2019 AM (8am - 1pm)


Please let us know how you get on following this visit.





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Hi tkmax


If all testing has been completed with a different router at the test socket then the next step will be to arrange an Openreach engineer visit.


I'm just sending you a Private Message to confirm some details so we can arrange this visit.





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No we have not had a visit.


Can you arrange for a visit?



Support Team
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Hi tkmax


I'm sorry to hear this.


Have you had an Openreach engineer visit?