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still super slow fibre broadband and no help from talktalk.

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We joined talktalk 2 weeks ago and were promised speeds of 70+, we're currently on 5, one day was 0.9. Live Chat told me last Tuesday I'd get a call from a specialist but didn't. The 0345 number sends me round in circles, the closest I've got to speaking to someone was a message saying work was being done from midnight and finished at 6am. Yesterday Live chat told me engineers were working and I'd get an email, but I didn't. I tried Live chat again and was told to check the Service Status page, but that says there is no problem and I need to check my home set up, which we've done. And I was told to call, but I can't get through. I put a message on the forum on Monday and got no response from talktalk. Any ideas anyone?

Ian Ward

Support Team
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Hi slowspeed


Apologies for the delay.


I've checked the connection stats and your line is in sync at 79.9mb


Please can you power down your router for a full 30 minutes and then run a speed test following this?