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talk talk dns resolving kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local.lan to

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I've been having trouble with my broadband dropping out randomly but regularly. Netflix/Disney+, prime etc all start spinning on TV or VPN tunnel drops if on laptop.


For a long time I've ran with google public dns as my dns hosts and to rule that out as an issue I set it back to the default talk talk


Since doing that it has broken my kubernetes cluster. I've spent most of the day troubleshooting it but best I can work out the talk talk DNS servers are giving responses for the lan domain.


Its fairly common for dhcp clients on centos to write lan into the search domain of the /etc/resolv.conf when using dhcp.


Should talk talk DNS resolve that? It seems odd to me.


I guess I'll switch back to google but that puts me back to my original problem of losing connectivity regularly.


Any help appreciated.


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OK, thanks for letting us know 


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New router has arrived. I've plugged it in and I'm getting about 68mb again. I'll see how it goes over the next few weeks but fingers crossed.



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I've ordered the router, it should be with you within a couple of day but please allow up to 5 working days for delivery 


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Yeah I'll try anything if I thought it would sort the issue.




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Hi awalker125,


Thanks for the information 

Would you like us to send another router to test with?


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Its been really bad over the weekend. It seems to have gone off just after midnight on friday and then did not come back until Saturday afternoon. Then on Saturday night we could not get either Netflix or Prime or any internet based app working at all.


I've also noticed I now only get around 20mbs download (even with lan cable plugged directly into the router)


My history on the speedtest app shows that I normally get around 70mbs


It does feel like there is something fundamentally changed or gone wrong recently because I never had this type of trouble before.


Its even more painful because after rebooting the router I often have to go around and unplug all the android TVs or they refuse to pick up that the internet is back.


Is there anything more that can be checked/done?


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Hi awalker125,


Line history is clear but shows a couple of reconnections on the 30th and one yesterday, how has it been over the last 24 hours?


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Hi Debbie,


I've done some more digging. It looks like hosts the web pages. The talk talk dns appears to return that IP for anything and everything which doesnt resolve instead of NXDOMAIN domain response.


I suppose this is friendly to most users but breaks my setup. I'll have to stick with google dns.


My original problem of the randomly dropping connection still exists.


It looks like in the last 24 hrs I've had 7 or 8 wobbles in service. Some lasting a couple of seconds and a few lasting a few minutes.


Is that normal?


The probes were pinging website and dns at google and talk talk. All seemed to go off at once. It seemed to impact all my devices both wifi and powerline extension. I didnt reboot the router at all.

Screenshot 2020-10-01 080202.png


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Hi awalker125


Apologies for the delay.


Are you still experiencing this fault?






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Yeah I think i'll give cloudfare ago for a while and see if thats any better.


I'm going to monitor the some different public dns providers with Prometheus and see if they consistently fail together or if some are better than others.


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You could try using another DNS such as OpenDNS or Cloudflare