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403 forbidden message on wifi

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- I have Full fibre service

- as of the past 24 hours, any attempt to use a wifi connection through to the broadband will be hit by a message

'403 Forbidden - your clientd does not have permission to get URL /cgi-bin/Wizard/Wizard_sh_self_help.asp'


I have 

- reset the eero router, and found that this did not solve the problem

- swapped the router for a previous talktalk router, which similarly did not solve the problem


The broadband line is working - as a wired connection from the router will work, but the moment that you try wifi, it engages this message.


This is also true for a secondary wifi router elsewhere in the house - ie 3 separate routers are giving the same error message

Multiple devices are getting this error message


A check on Google only points towards talktalk message boards with no obvious answers

I have spent several hours on the phone to talktalk support with no joy


Support Team
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An HTTP 403 error is sent from the web server back to the client (your browser), telling it that it understands your request but refuses to authorise it. It is nothing to do with your WiFi, purely a problem between the web server & the browser.


This may be down to your cookies, clear these & your browsing history in the browser & try again.


If the issue is still there, speak to the web server's administrator.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
TalkTalk support and Community Stars - Who are they? 

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Your first port of call is to use the Future Fibre Chat Support  - see the link and details of opening hours on this page:


Forum staff are not back on here before Monday. Till then, it's simply fellow customers on here who share experience. CS @KeithFrench is particularly savvy about wifi issues and may be able to help. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.