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Absolute nightmare

First Timer
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I have had Future Fibre since last September with no issues - loved it. Tuesday of this week, I woke up to find no internet - the router has a solid red light. I did all the usual checks and nothing so rang the support team when they opened at 0900.  They told me that there was a 'cease' on the line; I had never heard of this and had no idea what it meant - I pay all my bills, the last payment being the end of May. They couldn't explain what had happened ( kept saying system error) but reassured me that it would be fixed within 72 hours -  then they passed me over to complaints. By this time I had been two hours on the phone the complaints team reassured me that they would ring me today between 12 and 2 - they didn't. The 72 hours has now passed so I rang the support team twice to no avail - complaints wouldn't take my call and then suddenly, the technician announced they will ring me tomorrow. 

I am at a loss how this can even happen and am confused and upset why no one has the courtesy to just ring, even if they hadn't been able to resolve anything yet. 

To make matters worse my access to MyAccount is suspended, so I am unable to even log in. To be treated this way is an absolute disgrace and I don't know how long it is going to take to resolve. 



Support Team
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Hi KimMuir


Sorry that you have had problems. 


I can see that a complaint manager has contacted you and has resolved this to your satisfaction. 




Team Player
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Hi Kim


Sadly I can't be of much technical help here but strongly empathise with your experience as someone who's also having very similar experiences with TT support. I hope you find a resolution that reflects the product you thought you were paying for soon.