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Anyone using own router on Future Fibre ? (re: settings)

Enlightened One
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Hi all,


I`m moving to future fibre in Jan (fingers crossed it all goes smoothly) after the regular fibre has been underperforming consistently now for some time. (hard capped IMO but....)


I intend to use my own router, a new Asus DSL-AX82u (will be using in router mode) and wondered if anyone had any issues when using their own hardware over the EERO ?


Specifically any unusual settings that might be necessary to alter or use at initial setup, such as authentication method etc


This site doesn`t have any information other than how to set up regular fibre (with vlan id at 101 and all that jazz), so I suspect the future fibre settings won`t be the same as that.


Any hints or tips ahead of time so I don`t come unstuck at the time would be very much appreciated !


Thanks !


Enlightened One
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Success with the ASUS DSL-AX82U on fttp.

One small setting (hard to locate at first, turning the connection into WAN only) but other than that, it`s working great.


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Thanks, was just a bit worried that it might turn into a settings nightmare...


not due for the switchover until Jan 13th, so it`s going to be a long wait.

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Hi Fad2009 


Wan enabled and set to Automatic IP. IPv6 not enabled. Should work just fine as it is.


Let us know when you're up and running.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Yes, I`ll most definitely set up with the EERO initially to confirm the connection is good, then change over later.


My current WAN settings are:


Wan type: VDSL Wan (PTM)

Connection type: Automatic IP

802.1Q: Enabled

VLAN ID: 101

802.1P: 0

[DHCP] Class-identifier (option 60): -----

[DHCP] Client-identifier (option 61): -----

[DHCP] IAID/DUID: Unchecked

Mac Address: -----

MTU: 1500



I will have to change this to WAN only mode at the time as it`s in DSL mode at the moment

These are the things that I`m not sure I`ll need to alter....or whether or not I`ll be able to enter the EERO and check the internal settings on that, or whether it`s "locked down" to tyhe end user, never seen one before, so unchartered territory.


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Hi Fad2009 


Your supported option is to set up and test the TalkTalk supplied equipment. You'll not be left without a working service.


For the WAN setup on the Asus, what have you got that set to at present? 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Thanks for the info, duly noted !


I can see no reason to expect the router not to "recognise" the FTTP when attached but was just a little concerned that I might be left in the lurch if it didn`t and I had to specify some ethereal setting to allow connection...


I`ve seen mention fttp authenticates via DHCP but a lot of confusing info out there....and sparse at best.


Community Star
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Openreach will install an in-the-home Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that connects their optical fibre to the Optical port of the ONT. The ONT is usually on the internal wall immediately opposite an Openreach Customer Splice Point (CSP) which is their fibre optic incoming connection point. 


You connect your router's blue WAN socket to the ONT PORT socket.


That's all. You've probably already set up your own devices to connect to the router. So when the ONT lights are green (The LOS light is not lit) you're up and running with Future Fibre.


The only thing to prepare in advance is if you need your router location more than a metre distance from the ONT. You'll need to source a longer Ethernet cable. I personally use a CAT7 Ethernet cable of 15m length installed under flooring. Flat cable can go under carpets. 


Tip: keep your TalkTalk supplied Wi-Fi hub / eero6 / Digital voice adaptor for troubleshooting. If supplied, a Digital voice adaptor would be connected to one of the router LAN port sockets. 


Let us know if you need further guidance and how you get on.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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