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Awful service, issue still unresolved

First Timer
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I recently upgraded to TalkTalk future fibre and have received genuinely shocking service since. Firstly, when I was called by the Future Fibre sales team, I was informed that my upgrade to an Amazon Eero would resolve the slight signal issue in my small 65 sq. metre flat, being informed that the signal would "reach the length of a football field". In reality, my WiFi has been absolutely ruined with this 'upgrade' - the openreach engineer re-wired the new router to the far end of the house and the router signal barely reaches two rooms into my flat. I therefore called Talktalk and, having spent 4 hours on hold or being passed around departments, eventually reached the order management team who, I was informed, would provide an additional Eero router to act as an extender. In the event, this was not provided unless I pay an extra £6/month despite the promise by the Sales Team one router would be sufficient for my flat. Naturally this was disregarded by the order management team as me 'not listening to the facts', again very rude service.
Realising I was getting nowhere, I asked for the openreach engineer to come back out to re-wire the router to the middle of the property instead of right at the edge as has been done currently. Despite the initial installation engineer coming out within 2 weeks of my upgrading, I was informed that the wait for an engineer to re-wire the router to the centre of the property would be 3-6 months... clearly much too long when I can barely work as a result of the new router location. In order to resolve the signal issue, I was provided with a talktalk router (rendering my new Amazon eero null and void) and an extender and told this would provide signal across the entire (albeit v small) flat. Even with this, my speeds on the extender are insufficient even to maintain TV without buffering. Not only have I found each person I have spoken to unhelpful, I would contend this product was actively mis-sold to me. 
I am simply at a loss as to what to do and nobody I have spoken to has been remotely helpful in suggesting a solution. I would therefore like to request that someone please look into this urgently as I am currently in a situation where my WiFi is infinitely worse since 'upgrading' than it was before, to a point where it is affecting my work and barely usable. At the very least, I want to return to my old wifi where the router was positioned in the centre of my flat on the old plan prior to upgrade and, though not perfect, was at least vaguely functional. Although no doubt the waiting list for an engineer to do this will be 48 months or similar. 

Support Team
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Hi JoeBlake1996


I'm so sorry to hear this.


Are you in contact with our Future Fibre Team? What have they advised?


Enlightened One
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Also you might have to try changing wifi signal ch`s and see if this help improve things


Enlightened One
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In TalkTalk`s defence every house/property is different and really ANY ISP can only make sure the service to the first point of entry is as good as it can be. After this to be honest it’s down to luck and good fortune that you can get good Wi-Fi signal all over your house.

Myself I have 3 routers in total, connected up all wired with cat5e and cat6 cable this gives me excellent coverage all over my house and garden. This extra work was all down to myself. It sounds like to get a good coverage for yourself you might need to do some sort of similar work yourself. It’s not rocket science but when done you will have a good Wi-Fi coverage that you require


Community Star
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This is a Future Fibre issue, @JoeBlake1996, so I'll move this thread to that section. 


Your first port of call, however,  is the Future Fibre support hub:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.