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Cancelling the Engineer

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After unsoliticited emails/text  re "free" Future Fibre, I contacted and was persuaded with an increase to agree to a upgrade. I was told all my other services would stay the same. 

Letters from TT showed that my TT TV was removed. I didn't agree to that and specifically stated that I wanted the services to stay the same. Next a bit of hassle ringing with one adviser telling me it was the same and another saying I was right to question and that they'd put it back  if I rang on the date that FF was connected.

I've decided to cancel the Engineer but can't access my Account details. There are no details up for at least two days when I went to check the information!  Email states incorrect detail: is not open from 8am.  

I've lost confidence in this process and do not want to proceed. 


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Really helpful. Information re TV and landline changes not pointed out. Unless tucked in the T&C recitation! 

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OK, thanks for letting me know 🙂



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Thanks for asking. All cancelled I hope.

Helpful advisor. 

On reflection, felt railroaded by Sales who didn't give me the full implications. I have never heard anyone read the T&C so fast. No full stops! Disconcerting. 

Support Team
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Hi Iwish,


How are you getting on?




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@Iwish, it would be a different TV box, described here, if it were to be added:


Chat should now be open - it's never live before 9am.


All matters relating to the order need to be dealt with by the FF team.


Forum staff are not back on here before Monday. 


Note: one service that won't remain the same is the landline phone. This will be lost when FF is installed, and the service hasn't yet got an alternative, though trials are running. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.