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CityFibre upgrade

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Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place but it seemed the best fit. I've just had 2 text messages sent to my mobile phone saying that Cityfibre are working with TalkTalk to upgrade to full fibre broadband and an engineer will be visiting today to install a full fibre connection.


Can you please advise wether this is acutally legitimate or a scam since I've had no advice from TalkTalk to say this would be happening. I'm not against having a full fibre connection but wanted to make sure this work was actually being carried out on behalf of TalkTalk as there is nothing that I could find on the website easily that would indicate this.




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I'm really sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience with this. Thanks for the update and hopefully now this has been escalated to the right team/person they will be able to get to the bottom of this for you.




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So a little update, after nearly 2 hours on the phone to talktalk on Monday and getting transferred repeatedly an engineer visit was arranged, I dont understand why its so difficult to get the correct people involved in dealing with a fault. The person on the phone kept insisting on doing a line test on my normal phone line (which has nothing wrong with it) and then couldnt seem to inderstand when i'm explaining that the new fibre installation doesnt work however I am still connected on ADSL using my old phone line while waiting for the fibre to be fixed. I explained that on the fibre modem the only lights showing were Power and Ethernet (no Service or Internet lights).


A TalkTalk engineer attended a short while ago today and has said that the fault is external to the house and requires Cityfibre to deal with it. Considering it is faily obvious that a new installation of equipment which has never worked and the fact that the modem is indicating that it is not connected to the fibre I would have expected this would have been handed over to CityFibre to deal with long before this but thanks to the engineer making a few phone calls we are hopefully getting one step closer to getting all this resolved.


I must admit though, I am really appalled by the way this has all been handled. Absolutely zero information from TalkTalk prior to the stuff being installed (no emails, no text messages), when you do try and speak to someone on the phone about the problem they are just following a script that doesnt actually cover the type of fault I am experiencing and an inability to be able to transfer the call to someone with technical knowledge who can actually deal with it or arrange for it to be escalated who can deal with it. For example I was told by the person on the phone to disconnect the WAN connection and plug in the ADSL cable. Of course the internet works now because the router can connect through ADSL, it cant connect through the fibre modem if there is no fibre connection into my house though. Thankfully your engineer was really good and managed to get this escalated to the right person to deal with it all otherwise we'd be getting nowhere with this.


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Thanks for confirming. I'm sorry to hear this and hopefully City Fibre will be able to resolve this for you. Can I just confirm, did Openreach resolve the fault?





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Hi, yes 2 engineers turned up. Had 4 attempts at installing the fibre and it still doesnt work so they have to come back. Also then had to have Openreach out as the engineers drilled through my phone line whist installing the modem on the wall. Overall not a greatly impressive start by CityFibre.


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I'm sorry for the delay. Did an engineer turn up? Did you receive any emails from TalkTalk about this? (would also be worth checking the junk/spam folder)





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Take a look here : 


It is real, just poor communications from TalkTalk to its customers about a really good upgrade, I have  posted my experience of going through the Free CityFibre FTTP upgrade in reply to a similar question posed by @bassplayerchris 


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@bassplayerchris, the situation re keeping the phone line etc varies from area to area, so there is not going to be a one size fits all answer. 


You need to phone 03451 720074 after 9am to speak to Future Fibre support directly or use the Chat facility. 


If you need further help on the forum, please start your own thread, as forum staff will only reply to the original poster. 


This is to avoid any confusion between accounts. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi - 


Was there a definitive answer to this yet? I have also received a text saying I would be upgraded and giving a date for the upgrade - the text is similar to the one reported here:

I am on Fibre 35 (higher speeds are currently not available) and have a contract out to next year.  My current line terminates upstairs in my property, I also currently use a 3rd party router so I can run openwrt, after the change what kind of presentation will I get (I presume it's ethernet?).  I notice the diagram of the "Fibre Connection Box" shows a power LED, is this via mains, and will they then need somewhere to plug in?  Finally what happens to my landline, does my telephone continue to plug into the FCB and operate as normal, or older phones which take power from the line to ring no longer work?

None of these questions have been answered by the Future Hub or any of the followup threads on this forum.


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I've just had similar....Automated message on Tuesday afternoon (14th) was the first i'd heard of it.....Message said that engineer was coming next day ( wed 15th) needing access and plug sockets...I thought it was a scam, so i was going to report it....Contacted city fibre on Tuesday, who gave me a number for talk talk 0345 172 0088 , who said it was real.....I told them to cancel it, as i hadn't given permission....They cancelled it, but next day at 08.00  two vans turned up to install it...I sent them away then received 2 further automated messages regarding the instalation instructions....I further rang 0345 172 0088 yesterday to complain again......Very bad way of going about things.....


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Have you received any email confirmations? I'd recommend checking the spam folder too. If you haven't received any information then I'd recommend Live Chatting the Future Fibre Team directly as they will be able to look into this for you and confirm.




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Hi TommyLO 


Yes, TalkTalk are offering full fibre via the CityFibre network.


But you ought to have had advance information from TalkTalk.


To get positive confirmation get in touch with the TalkTalk Future Fibre team.


The Future Fibre Support Hub is your go-to resource for information, guides and LiveChat with the Future Fibre Team.


To speak to the Future Fibre team about an order start a LiveChat here:

 Future Fibre LiveChat

 Future Fibre Support Hub


TIP - Scroll down the Future Fibre Support Hub page to GET IN TOUCH. if you don't see a blue Chat now button then pause tracker blocking in the browser, ad-blockers or similar blocking software to avoid conflict with LiveChat's operation.

Opening hours are here:  When to contact TalkTalk?


Calls to the Future Fibre team on 0345 172 0074 are free from a TalkTalk home 'phone but otherwise are at a standard landline call rate or included in your UK mobile allowance.


Future Fibre Help

Future Fibre - Installation


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