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Eero 6 Double Pack and £100 Amazon Voucher no longer provided on FF 900?!

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I have just registered for Future Fibre 900 at a new address and have been advised by the Future Fibre Sales Team member who I spoke to that I will only be receiving a single Eero 6 Pro router and that I will not be receiving a £100 Amazon Gift Voucher.

When I enquired why I am not eligible receive a second router or gift voucher, the team member vaguely informed me that because the fibre provider at my address is CityFibre, I am not eligible for either of these items?

This goes in complete contradiction to what the website states. Nowhere does it state that the £100 Gift Voucher or Eero 6 Double Pack is exclusive to addresses served by BT fibre. Surely when I input my postcode, Talk Talk provides me with the details of packages applicable to the relevant address?


How do I arrange for a second router and gift voucher to be provided? The Team Member in question was adamant that this was not an issue that he could resolve during the order process and suggested that Talk Talk might provide a second router should the coverage from the single router be insufficient. This is of absolutely no use to me. If TalkTalk are offering a pair of routers and a gift voucher with a particular package, surely they are bound to provide these items?


Who should I speak to in order to get this issue resolved?


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Hi @Swagatha_Christie 


Here's the page detailing the Specifications for the Wi-Fi Hub.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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@Gondola Much appreciated. You've cleared up far more of the confusion in two replies than TalkTalk have managed all day. Can you provide a link to the specs of the TalkTalk WiFi Hub, please? Again, the Fibre Sales team member led me to believe that I would be receiving a single Eero 6 Pro device.

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£36/m is a nice deal for Fibre 900 and that's the pricing that TalkTalk show for UFO in York which is now also part of the CityFibre network. Compare that to the £49/m for 24 months with an Openreach Fibre 900 contract that rises to £54.95 plus inflation rises when out of contract.


There is, it's true, little information about TalkTalk deals via the CityFibre network.  Most newcomers are contacted individually by CityFibre when the network is available in a given area or contacted by CityFibre on behalf of TalkTalk to be upgraded as a TalkTalk customer onto the CityFibre network. I expect TalkTalk will update the Sales site at some time to reflect the availability of CityFibre post codes. But we have no heads up on when that would go live. In the past there have been dedicated sales offers for CityFibre and Freedom Fibre.


So, it's up to you to make a decision on going with TalkTalk and CityFibre on the much more reliable full fibre delivery system for which you'll get the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub as your home broadband device to connect to the CityFibre ONT all at a much lower price than areas where CityFibre doesn't have a presence. 


Keep in touch with your experience should you decide to give it a go. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Hi, @Gondola Upon speaking to the sales team, I have been informed that the monthly cost for the CityFibre provisioned Talk Talk FF 900 service will be priced at £36 per month. But the advisor was unable to tell me how long this rate would be applicable for.
I assume that the 30.6% discount to the monthly rate will be applicable for the duration of the 24 month contract?


I must admit that having had major historical trouble with Tiscali/TalkTalk in previous years, I was more than a little apprehensive about going back to TalkTalk as my fibre provider. The glaring lack of clarity provided both by the website and TalkTalk's sales team is making me have serious second-thoughts about moving ahead with my order.


Is it really that difficult for the Web team to action a change to the broadband availability checker which enables it to offer the correct package based on the FTTP provider at that location? I'd assume this has been an issue since TalkTalk signed up with CityFibre, so why have the differences between the CityFibre and Openreach packages been left so obfuscated? If the postcode checker tells you that you can receive a particular package, surely that is the package you should be receiving?



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'coliander' wrote:...Why is this not indicated on the product availability page?

At the bottom of the Sales pages there is detailed information and for Fibre 900 with Total Home Wi-Fi it says:


"Subject to local availability...

Future Fibre 900 average download speeds are based on providing an Openreach 1000Mb/s download product to the connection point in the home with an adjustment made based on the typical performance seen across our broadband products...Future Fibre 900 will require installation by an Openreach engineer..."


My understanding is that the deal with CityFibre may well offer a free period and lower monthly pricing compared to the offer via the Openreach network.  What's the deal you've been offered for TalkTalk broadband via CityFibre?

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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After doing some digging, it appears that this has been an issue with TalkTalk and CityFibre for a number of weeks at the very least.

MarcDewick had a similar issue RE: CityFibre and Total Home Wi-Fi: Total Home WiFi - nobody can get this sorted for ... - TalkTalk Help & Support

However, his issue was eventually resolved: Re: Future Fibre 500 - Total Home WiFi - TalkTalk Help & Support, which begs the question as to why CityFibre customers are not being offered the same package as OpenReach customers.

What incentive is there to sign up for FF 900 as a CityFibre customer, if we aren't being offered the same value for money as our OpenReach counterparts?



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Why is this not indicated on the product availability page? On providing my postcode and house number, the checker explicitly states that by signing up for Fibre 900, I will receive an Eero 6 Pro double pack and a £100 Amazon Gift Card.

Why are these two items not supplied on CityFibre plans? It seems a little disingenuous to offer these products to potential customers only to then advise that they are not eligible. There is absolutely nothing to indicate that there is any disparity between CityFibre and Openreach customers.


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OK thanks. I've checked and it does appear that this is correct, the voucher and Total Home Wifi aren't available on CityFibre plans, apologies for any confusion



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Hi Chris, on the Product Results page (Your results | TalkTalk) after entering my postcode and house number. As indicated in the .pdf I attached to my initial message.


Support Team
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Hi Coliander,


Could I ask where you saw the information about the gift voucher and eero pro?