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Eero 6 pro or Hub 2?

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I have just moved to talktalk and I am on their FTTP plan with 500mb download speed (think that's 'future fibre 500'?). We have been connected for 3 days now.

Due to some issues during the installation we have been sent both an Eero Pro 6, as well as the more traditional talktalk hub 2 (for full fibre). My question is: which should I use? From what I can tell the eero uses wifi 6 which is supposedly better, however the hub should have more powerful transmitters, and you are able to split 2 and 5GHz channels which you can't do on the eero.


I'm currently using the Eero, and the maximum download speed I have seen is 300Mbps from Talktalk's own speed check - a bit off 500. We have quite a lot of devices that connect to the network (I had a look today and it said there were 20 devices) including TVs, phones, SkyQ (2 boxes), Sonos, house alarm, echo, vacuum and a ring doorbell etc. Still to connect is our 4 CCTV cameras which our engineer couldn't connect yet as he is new to Eero and has gone away to research how to do it. Due to the location of the fibre box, the Eero (and therefor the router) is located under the stairs near the front of the house.

I feel like being able to split the bands might be an advantage so that all the TVs and CCTV cameras etc that don't use 5GHz can be hooked up to a dedicated 2GHz channel, leaving the 5GHz free for what needs them. However I don't know much about Eero and wifi 6 - something I read about it said that Eero should be able to handle having multiple devices connected much better than previous generation technology due to some intelligent channel kind of thing.


I know I need to basically hook up the router and see if it performs better, but it's a time consuming pain changing all the devices over to a new router and I was wondering if there would be a consensus here before I did it? Maybe if I rang talktalk (and eventually got through) I could ask for a second Eero to create a mesh system, would that be better than the one traditional router?


Thanks in advance. 



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I recently had future fibre installed and was sent the eero 6 router. I didn’t want to change from my Sagem fast 5364 router, so it still routin away fine. I did have the 2.4 and 5 ghz bands separated but after some trials decided to combine them both. The eero 6 was set up as an access point and seems to work ok, the ssdi’s are separated ( Talktal111111 and euro6 ). I personally don’t think that the eero 6 Wi-Fi coverage is as good as the Sagem fast 5364. Most of my lan is cat 5e cable and I only use Wi-Fi where necessary.




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I have owned the eero pro 6 all be it with the 1gb vm service ,you definitely need at least 2 maybe 3 to cover your house ,and the eero will be superior to the provided router, use all your old ssid settings everything should connect including your cameras a mesh system is your answer imo 

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Hi Michelle-TalkTalk and chrisgarb82 


Yes, happy to offer my thoughts on the Wi-Fi Hub2 vs the eero Pro 6 based on my in home assessment of the Sagemcom Wi-Fi Hub and eero 6.  I've not yet had an opportunity to test the Hub2 or the Pro 6 variants.


Both units are very capable of excellent Wi-Fi 5 coverage. The eero 6 delivering comparable or better signal strength at locations in my home and having Wi-Fi 6 capability as a bonus. The eero Pro 6 is tri-band so further future-proofs Wi-Fi connectivity.


In terms of use. An understairs location is not ideal for Wi-Fi coverage. In my case I've used Cat7 flat ethernet cable under flooring to connect Wi-Fi Hub / eero 6 in an optimum location in the open and, in line with TalkTalk recommendations, positioned half way between floor and ceiling.


Top tip: When setting up the eero 6 via the eero app you choose the Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi password so make this the same as the existing and devices will auto connect without having to change device settings.


For a multi-storey home I would usually expect to recommend a Wi-Fi access point on each level. This immediately leads me to suggest that the Mesh Wi-Fi feature of the eero Pro 6 lends itself to an easy way to ensure Whole Home Wi-Fi coverage for up to 75 devices. 


Which leaves the key point about splitting the Wi-Fi networks. I've used this technique with the Wi-Fi Hub to create separate access points via the two Wi-Fi networks and I do have further access points via a Linksys router to extend my Wi-Fi coverage. But this is all manually managed with channel selection to avoid Wi-Fi interference and connecting devices to specific networks. The Mesh Wi-Fi network capabilities of the eero give the opportunity to establish Whole Home Wi-Fi by adding a second eero Pro 6.


For devices that have trouble connecting to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network there is a Troubleshooting mode in the eero app Settings.


  • Launch the eero app
  • Ensure the eero 6 software is updated via the Settings tab and Software updates
  • Select Settings tab
  • Select Troubleshooting

eero Settings tab - select Troubleshootingeero Settings tab - select Troubleshooting



  • Select My device won't connect

eero Settings tab - Troubleshooting - select My device won't connecteero Settings tab - Troubleshooting - select My device won't connect


  • Select My device is 2.4GHz only

eero Settings tab - Troubleshooting - select My device is 2GHz onlyeero Settings tab - Troubleshooting - select My device is 2GHz only


  • Select Temporarily pause 5GHz

eero Settings tab - Troubleshooting - select Pause 5GHzeero Settings tab - Troubleshooting - select Pause 5GHz


This then temporarily stops the 5GHz band to allow the device to connect successfully as a 2.4GHz only device.


The eero Support Hub is your go-to resource for information, guides and Community support


Select here:
eero Support Hub


eero 6 and eero Pro 6 Help

eero - Setting up your eero

eero - View and change the Wi-Fi name and password

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@Gondola - Is this something that you would be able to offer any advice on please?