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Eero Collection

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Hi everyone, I was contacted last year to upgrade to Future Fibre, whilst overall I'm saving some money per month, the whole process has been such a nightmare. I submitted a complaint, which  has been resolved, however, due to issues with installation I was sent 3 Eeros plus I still have my old hub. During my complaint, TalkTalk said they'd send out packaging to collect the old equipment - this hasn't happened. I've used the chat function but they wont deal with the query as it's reference Future Fibre, I really don't have time (especially with all of the other issues I've had) to sit on the phone for 40 minutes but also it seems wasteful when there's two brand new hubs gathering dust in my house. Does anyone know an easy way to return these to TalkTalk? Or an easy way to contact them to issue the collection bags? Otherwise they're going to be thrown away which seems like such a waste. 

Thank you! 


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Don't throw them away, @glouise04, or you could find yourself paying £50.00 a time for not returning the equipment. 


Contact the specialist FF team during the hours specified on this page, near the bottom:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.