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Eero pro 6 speed drop between nodes

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I get 700 mbps near the eero pro 6 router. But the speed drops to 250 away from the room where the router is situated. And it’s pretty much same speed near eero nodes too . I have 2 eero pro 6 and 1 eero pro.  Wondering if anybody has tested orbi mesh network . I expect consistent speeds between router and nodes. I guess that is achievable with orbi. 
My package is 900


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Seems like the only way to get similar speeds between eero router and nodes is to have it hardwired with Ethernet cable.

I have hardwired the node and my current average speed is 700.  Previously it was 200-245 average and 400 max.


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Every home is unique. With a high in the room location there's less obstruction from furniture, fixtures and fittings and greater distance from potential sources of electrical interference.


The two down-sides to a high in the room location are:

  • Greater distance to connecting devices that are typically 600-900mm from floor level
  • Possible issue seeing the status light on the eero

If the high in the room location works best for you then that's perfect.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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You are right Gondola , the node eero is performing well mid way off the ground. But I still feel router needs to be even higher, at least in my case I found it’s performing better that way.


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The recommended placement in terms of height in a room is in the open, mid way between floor and ceiling.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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I have elevated the position of the router eero and speed improved. This is the data from recent tests -

Room where router is situated 750-800 mbps 

Adjacent rooms to the router 550-600 mbps 


Room where the node is situated 350-400 mbps 

Adjacent rooms to the node 275-300 mbps . The node is still just under a meter high off the ground . I feel that if I elevate the node the speeds of the node will also improve . 
eero router is almost close to the ceiling now , it’s on the top of a cabinet. 


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Similar situation here. I have 3 eero pro 6, unless I am literally within less than 2 meters from the gateway eero, the speed drops considerably. I switched to Talktalk for the eeros, pretty disappointed in their performance (eero not talktalk)