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FF Broadband speed keeps dropping

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OK so I had it installed on the 6th Jan and speed was great at first. 70Mb wifi and 38Mb on my desktop pc with a lan cable via wifi extender. Today both are between 2 and 4Mb and sometimes lower than that. Previous package (fibre65) gave a reliable 36Mb. Can't live with the unreliability and 2Mb is def no good for me. So what to do? Also when I go to my account it still shows my package as fibre 65. Why is that?


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Thanks Keith,

a cup of coffee and a head scratch and came up with this....

In my study(first floor) I have desktop pc connected to the PLA extender via lan thru a lan switch. One leg of the lan switch is connected to my Denon in the lounge via a long lan cable on the outside of the house.

Have now moved the pla extender to the lounge along with the lan switch so now feed the desktop thru the long lan cable and feed that and  the Denon(and sky box ) thru the lan switch. Thus the extender is now on the same power ring as the router.:-) Just ran a speed check on the desktop and get 48Mb down and 19 up. Whos a happy chappie then?

Thanks to all for your patience and hopefully you'll not hear from me for a long time.


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Hi @grahamh123 


@Michelle-TalkTalk has asked me to help you with these speed issues. Yes if the network connector & WiFi extender units are on different ring main circuits this can sometimes cause problems. Although generally, they either work or they don't, rather than slow. One of the most important factors here is that they do not go back to different consumer units. Other causes include:-


  • One or both units connected via extension leads, can reduce the speed between the two units, but often the sort of speeds achieved between them should still be fine for the purposes of normal use.
  • One or both units connected via surge suppressors, this is definitely not recommended.

You can use a spare router as an extender, but you still have to connect it via an Ethernet cable to the main router, which is probably why you went down the PLA extender route in the first case. 

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@KeithFrench - Would you be able to offer any additional advice on this please?





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Ok the world has slowed down again after a truly manic w/e.

So this morning.

Desktop pc. (which is on the first floor connected via a lan cable into the extender and wifi (new card fitted last week))

Lan - wifi off   33Mb down 19up but regularly drops to sub 20Mb

Wifi                   20Mb down 18 up


Laptop connected to router via Lan, wifi off     51Mb down 19 up

lan into Extender Ist floor                                       19Mb down 18 up

Wifi ( by the router)                                                   20 MB down 18up

Wifi ( by the extender)                                              16Mb down 18 up

Wife's Ipad   Selects 5Ghz automatically if available          75Mb down 20up

So it seems to me that the villain of the piece is the extender. Uses 2 ringmain ccts; so maybe that. Have tried 2 different extenders and various lan cables and ports on the router.

Before FF the desktop was connected to the main tel point(bt moved it for me last year). Is there any way I can feed back into the house tel line from the router and use the main skt again to get better speed on the desk top?

Back in the day I utilised an old router as a wifi extender. Could I do that with one of these routers in the same way instead of the extender using the mains ring (which seems to be the pinch point)?

Have to sort out and return some of the kit ( I have 3 routers now and 2 extenders).


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Can I just confirm, are you seeing the same speeds on more than one device?





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??? see original post.


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No not yet - so I have connected it. On the LAN in the extender the speed is the same 20Bb/s. On the wifi ( new card fitted to desktop) it is now about the same at 20Mb/s and running on 5GHz. Still way too slow. If I can't do better than this why would I want FF? Fibre65 gave me 35-6 on the lan.

Left the router in to see if it gets any better but if not then think I will revert to Fibre65.


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Hi grahamh123


The Huawei WIFI hub can be used for your connection. Have you already returned this?


We have 2 different WIFI hubs, one is Sagemcom and one is Huawei. Did you test with the router I sent?


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@grahamh123 Just to clarify, so you are not currently on a Future Fibre service?


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Debbie, the router you sent was the old type(plain black face) and I was told on the phone to return it . Was told they were sending out the newer one ( bronze colour behind the black face) which is the same as the one I have but it seems to have gone adrift. Meanwhile I have fitted a wifi card to my Desktop to see if that improved matters but sadly it hasn't. Wifi speed 20Mb as opposed to 29Mb with a lan off the extender. Seems to be getting steadily worse. I note that the wifi is on the 2.4Ghz channel ( see below)- how do I get to connect to the 5Ghz channel which should be quicker? Can't see an SSD for the 5ghz channel.

Protocol: Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
Security type: WPA2-Personal
Network band: 2.4 GHz
Network channel: 6
Link speed (Receive/Transmit): 65/65 (Mbps)
IPv6 address: fdaa:bbcc:ddee:0:2443:75d3:3507:e770
Link-local IPv6 address: fe80::2443:75d3:3507:e770%28
IPv4 address:
IPv4 DNS servers:
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Description: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 #2
Driver version:
Physical address (MAC): 14-18-C3-36-A6-8C


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Hi Graham


Sorry for the delay.


Apologies, I'm not sure why you have only just received the email.


I have ordered the replacement router, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection/speed compares with this router.






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so today receive email saying that I am to be upgraded to FF with a 24 month contract and service engineer will be round soon to install?????? I upgraded on the 6th jan, still account not updated. What the ??????

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Yes please Debbie.



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Hi grahamh123


I can see that Chris- TalkTalk asked if you wanted us to send another router for testing on 21/01 but we did not receive a reply.


Would you like me to send a router now?


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Hi, any news on the router swap out?


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Hi grahamh123,


Would you like us to arrange to send another router as Keith suggests?




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Yes please. I logged into the router and the wifi page says 550 on the 2.4Gb band and 2200 on the 5Gb band but the Ipad is the only device that comes near 70Mb sometimes on the 5Gb band.

Have, as you suggested, swapped router ports and leads etc several times to no avail. Both laptop and desktop at 25ish Mb thru the lan cable on the sender and the laptop is only around 30Mb on the router via lan cable.  Have just swapped the old talktalk router in and the situation is just the same.

Think the min speed should be 34 but of course Talktalk haven't changed the account settings yet so it doesn't see it as a problem.

at a loss - but then I have been since my first post. The annoying thing is that the speed was much higher straight after installation and it isn't very stable. Dropped out a couple of times during this morning's zoom call.


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There can be problems with PLAs on different electrical ring circuits, but in the past, I have not seen that affect LAN port speeds, only that they lock up from time to time. If you have used different Ethernet cables at each end of the extender kit & tried it in another LAN port on the router, all I can think of is to try another router. Do you want me to ask TalkTalk to do that?

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Thanks for your help.

Have just...

connected laptop to the extender via lan cable. Speed about the same as the desktop, 30 -32 Mb

Connected laptop to router with lan cable. Speed 70Mb

Disconnected lan cable and enabled wifi on laptop. Speed (right next to the router 25Mb

Placed laptop right next to wifi extender. Speed 24Mb.

Entender is plugged into wall skt right next to router and other box plugged into wall skt on first floor; different ring, same consumer unit. 

Router supplied by TT when upgraded to FF. Old router is same model but maybe 2 years old.


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You can always log into the extender via its IP address, rather than the dlink####.local if you want.


How do both units of the extender kit connect to the electric, directly into a wall outlet, or extension leads, power surge strips etc? Are both units on the same electrical ring circuit (same circuit breaker/fuse) in your consumer unit?


Did you ever try the other laptop in the LAN port in the extender in place of your desktop & if so, what was the result?


Has the router ever been swapped out?

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
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