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Free Full Fibre Upgrade - City Fibre

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Hi there.


I received an email about a free upgrade of my service to Future Fibre via CityFibre. I currently have Fibre65. In the email it mentions nothing about what speeds I'll be upgraded to. 


When I am upgraded to full fibre, will my speeds remain capped to Fibre65 speeds?


Also, does the location of the ONT need to be the same as the openreach master socket? I don't use the landline so this wouldn't be an issue (only the router is currently connected to this). This is in the master bedroom, but if I'm having a new line put in, I'd rather it be downstairs.


Can I choose where I want the ONT to be?


Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Anisa Khalifa

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I'm really glad to hear this and thanks for sharing your experience.


Thanks 🙂


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**Update on this**


Engineers turned up today for the CityFibre install. They installed the ONT and connected me all up. Their service was good and I was pleased with how the install went. To answer my own questions posted previously;


When I am upgraded to full fibre, will my speeds remain capped to Fibre65 speeds?

My service is now Fibre65 Future Fibre, so still receiving the same speeds as before. These speeds are fine, but I'll look at my speed options when it comes to the end of my current contract (this is still the same as it was just an 'upgrade' and not a new order).


Can I choose where I want the ONT to be?

Yup, the engineers installed the ONT where I wanted it 😁. The router is no longer in the master bedroom anymore.


After the install, the router was connected up (Sagemcom WiFi Hub), however the light at the front changed to a steady orange. Contacted TalkTalk Customer Services and they were super helpful. However, the reason that the router wasn't establishing a connection was because a setting on the router had to be changed. I followed @michaelhxu's helpful comment regarding the VLAN tagging setting. In my case it had to be changed to 'Enabled' and then my router instantly connected, with a solid white light. Internet Galore!


All in all, everything is now working as expected.


Thanks for reading this lengthy post 😅

Anisa Khalifa

Support Team
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Hi an1sa_k,


Can you take a look at the following help article and if you then have any further questions please let us know - Guide to Future Fibre and FTTP | TalkTalk