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Free Future Fibre offered - then asked to pay for Future Fibre before install - help please

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I'm hoping one of the TT team will pick this up. 


I was offered an apgrade at no cost (email 14 Jan 22).  BT Openreach texted with dates for the work, which I agreed to.  They didn't turn up.  When I spoke with TalkTalk they said that Future Fibre wasn't available when the offer was made, but it is now.  I was transferred to Customer Services.


The original email offered an upgrade at no cost - email stated "Is it really a free upgrade? Yes it is. Your upgrade is part of our programme to modernise our customer’s broadband. You won’t pay any more than you do today and your contract will remain unchanged." yet when I speak to Cust Servs they say its a move to a new contract, with a price rise and loss of landline. 


I have to agree to the increased costs before they will order the work.  Could someone help please?  BTW I'm really happy with my time with TT to date - this is a bit frustrating though...

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Hi @robinturton


I can confirm that the Future fibre was cancelled and will not go ahead. But it is available on your line.  


Did you call the number on the Email, the agents have been re-briefed that when the free upgrade has been offered they should not try to upsell you. 


We can only ask that you try again. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused


Whizz Kid
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hi @robinturton, I and others had the same email and experience as you Free fibre upgrade offer not free - how to get the free one?! 


People are managing to  get  free future fibre upgrades now - but through phone calls organised  b y @Arne-TalkTalk . One person has managed to get a completely free upgrade (Your Free Service Upgrade Is Ready.........Yeah. Right!) , the other has managed to get a really well priced new contract (Re: Fibre Information required ).


What I would say though is don't keep calling the number on your emails and texts - we've been told to lots of times (because we kept being told teams had been rebriefed) but 7 calls over 6 months and nothing has changed with those teams.

I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!

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HI Chris - yes - via phone & chat.  Not getting anywhere though.


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Sadly the forum support team will be away now till Monday, @robinturton.


The first port of call will be via the Chat link in the Future Fibre hub, or 03451 720074. 


9am till 5.30pm Saturday  / Sunday. 





Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi - I have spoken with a number of TalkTalk operatives today.  No-one seems to understand what has happened.  I am getting increasingly frustrated.  In fact, on my last call I was informed that - without my knowledge - I'd been logged as having accepted the Future Fibre 150 package with associated cost increase & loss of landline!  They are now trying to put me back on my exisitng package (Fibre 65 + landline)

There doesn't seem to be a team that can sort out my problem, which is: -

1) Email sent to me offering Future Fibre at no exra cost (Jan 2022) - I did not request an upgrade, it was offered to me!

2) Openreach booked to come to my home to do upgrade work - they didn't arrive & no communication since (14 Feb 2022)

3) Now I have no idea if this work is happening or when

4) I am interested in Future Fibre at no extra cost, but no-one seems able to assist!


I'm going around in circles!

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Hi robinturton,


Have you tried speaking to our Future Fibre support team, they should be able to help - Guide to Future Fibre and FTTP | TalkTalk