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Frustration with Talktalk - having difficulty getting upgraded to FF 150

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Have been trying very hard to get upgraded from FF 65, which went live for me about three weeks ago and works well, to FF 150, which is what I actually asked for. The Talktalk team seem completely unable to upgrade me to FF 150. I have had many conversations - all reaching the same dead end - the TT system claims it is “not available”.

but if I check with Sky or BT it is most certainly available. So I conclude that the system being used had a bug! Any comments?


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Hi Karl,

Still a bit frustrated here! See the notes appended to my original query.




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Have given up the struggle to get FF150, so I am resigned to have FF65 for the time being. Next problem: how to get my phone number ported to the FF65 fibre as VOIP. I spent an hour on the phone with a technician today. He gave up after multiple tests and is sending an engineer round on Wednesday. But I can’t understand why! I have a perfectly good copper ADSL connection and a perfectly good FF 65 connection. All I want is the phone number ported to VOIP. I don’t think the Openreach engineer will be able to fix it locally, but hope springs eternal


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Still a bit frustrated here. My latest chat with TT resulted in a new lower cost Fibre 65 contract with £30 setup fee and an 18 month contract. But the agent didn’t seem to recognise that I already had  Future Fibre 65 installation up and working. So now I have TWO broadband connections  - Fibre 65  and Future Fibre 65 !

This is crazy. All I want is a solid FF connection- on FF150 as soon as possible and VOIP instead of copper. How do I solve this? And even if TT cannot yet upgrade my FF65 to FF150, can I get my landline moved to VOIP? TT have already sent me an EERO 6 and a Grandstream ATA so I am all ready set to go.

NB: Sky have confirmed I could have their FF165 service - with an 18 month contract and with my landline number ported to VOIP. So could I just argue that TT have not been able to fulfill my requirements snd simply cancel the redundant Fibre 65 contract, which would have expired in November anyway, until they twisted my arm to accept a new lower cost 18 month contract?


All very puzzling!


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Not all products are available to all ISP's at the same time. It is dependent on our own equipment being installed and a proportion of the available circuits made available to us.


This may be available via Sky etc, but this may not as yet be available for us to provide.  Our customer teams will advise if this is available, but if not yet, we can only advise to periodically check for any updates.




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