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Full Fibre - Own router + Grandstream ATA - keep existing landline number - possible?

Whizz Kid
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My Fibre 65 + Anytime calls contract runs out in a few weeks time, and FTTP infrastructure installation by Openreach is virtually complete in my area, but not yet on sale.

Before I renew with Talktalk, I would want to be sure that I am not painting myself into any technical corners with respect to an upgrade to full fibre in the near future, and certainly well within any new contract term. I may decide to delay renewal until FTTP is available, which leaves me free to choose any service provider.

I've done some homework and established what those technical painted corners might be. Looking for feedback from anyone who has been through this process, and what pitfalls they may have encountered. If Talktalk OCEs can answer any of my questions, happy to hear from them too. Not getting those answers from the full fibre sales or support teams, at least not without multiple periods on hold while they find someone who may or may not know 🙂

I'm using my own newly acquired TP-Link wi-fi 6 router, in conjunction with an Openreach VDSL modem as a stop-gap solution. The plan being that an Openreach ONT will soon replace the modem and connect to the new router.

The reason for using own router is that I need both wi-fi 6, and at least 4 ethernet ports, (5 if one is needed for digital voice), new router has 8.

I had 3 faulty Sagemcom hubs, then 2 faulty ASUS vdsl modem/routers, over the last 2 years, and no warranty replacements currently available from ASUS, so decided best option was to go for router only, as that would work with Openreach FTTP.

Standard Talktalk kit for 900Mbit package would be Eeros, with only 1 ethernet port, so rules that out. Also no need at all for mesh or extenders in my home.

Questions are:-

1) Can I get an FTTP installation with just an Openreach ONT and a Grandstream ATA? No Eero or TT router?

2) Will the Grandstream ATA work with any router and connect to any ethernet port. I'm guessing they must be supplied pre-configured with the existing landline number and other details? (I read the Grandstream manual).

3) If the above is possible, is the full range of speed packages available. Would probably go for the fastest?

4) If I did all the above, and when my new FTTP contract ends, I decided to switch to another ISP, can I port my TT landline number to another ISP or to a VOIP provider. I have read that neither of these is possible. Anybody know?

Windows, Android, Synology NAS

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The question I would ask of the Full Fibre team, which they should be able to answer: is VOIP and/or MPF landline continuation available to me if I were to upgrade now? It is by no means a given.