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Full Fibre (future fibre) .

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I've now been written to by two separate companies (BT and Sky) offering me full fibre to my property. It is now available on my road / postcode. I went to BT's website and confirmed availability with the postcode check. Great, so I called talktalk and was told it isn't available on their system for me but clearly it is available as other companies have offered it and confirmed it is available online.


How long will I have to wait for talktalk to catch up on this as I'm desperate for more speed / bandwidth with a family of 4. 18Mb/s just isn't enough now the kids are streaming as well and we see buffering on slower days. 


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Hi aleeab


Its hard to say when full fibre will be available in your area through TalkTalk, I'm sure there are number of factors and cost will be one of them, there has to be sufficient demand to make it financially viable, I can add you to our mailing list so when it does go ahead we will notify you.


Its not ideal,  hopefully it wont be to long till its available as all providers are pushing towards FTTP. 




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Hello everyone


Thanks for the replies. I don't believe that Talktalk are hiding services from me as I belive like all businesses they want my money lol!! My point was that I was more interested in knowing if other companies are offering it now, how long should I be expecting the wait to be for it to become available with talk talk. This is something talktalk already offer in other areas where full fibre is available so I know the packages exist, I just need my area to show as available on their system. Right now it doesn't show available online with talktalk nor did they see it being available when I called them on 0800 093 7307. This was last Friday. 


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Can I just confirm, have you also been contact with our Sales Team directly as they may be able to advise when this will be available to order?





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Companies always have allocations and deals of their own with the likes of Openreach  / City Fibre etc, @aleeab.


If there's no deal in place with these guys and Talktalk where you live, @aleeab, it genuinely means that it's not yet available with Talktalk in your area. 


Talktalk is not hiding anything from you.


If I were to move to the new infrastructure tomorrow, it would have to be with Vodafone who have a deal here with City Fibre. But for me, this doesn't have to be tomorrow. 


Talktalk may genuinely not yet know when it's to be upgrading in your area. Or if....!



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.