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Full fibre download speeds

Russ Allen
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I went to Fibre 65 on 11th March with an estimated average download speed of 73Mbps and a minimum of 40Mbps.

On the 24th March I did a lot of TalkTalk speed tests and got results of between 13 and 23Mbps downloads throughout the day so contacted TalkTalk through live chat. They told me to wait and the speeds would go up once the full fibre install stabilised. 

By coincidence all the TalkTalk tests I did over the next couple of days showed download speeds of 73 or 74Mbps which surprised and impressed me. Subsequently I've been running tests from other speed test providers which sadly were only yielding download speeds averaging 19Mbps. Today's tests ranged from 0.45 to 7.4Mbps throughout the day whilst all the time TalkTalk tests showed 73 or 74Mbps. 

For testing I used Measurement Labs, Which broadband, Go Compare, Broadbandspeedtest, USwitch & Virgin with consistent results.

Are the other six all totally inaccurate (although very similar) and are TalkTalk 100% accurate or am I being made a fool of?

By the way I've just run another TalkTalk speed test and astonishingly once again it was 73Mbps!


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