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Future Fibre installation Fttp and unplaced order.

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TalkTalk have messaged me to discuss my Future Fibre order today BUT I didn't place an order. Although City Fibre was given my details by TalkTalk in February 2022 for engineers to install the ONT box. It was installed on 28 February 2022 by Kelly Services (on behalf of City Fibre) in the downstairs living room.

The ONT box is installed but isn't yet working. 

I am currently on Fibre 35 plan until June 2022 and using the Sagemcom router and Fttc which is currently connected by ethernet cable to a PC in the upstairs study.

My preference would be for Future Fibre 150 plan using an Eero 6. 

Does an Openreach engineer need to properly connect Fibre to my ONT box?


It's very poor communication from TalkTalk although I did have an email from them on 4 February 2022 about an engineer appointment but couldn't get through on 0345 172 5132.


I've just had another message from TalkTalk but can't get through to 0345 172 0074.


What happens next?


Regards Carol

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Successful Outcome! Kelly Services working on behalf of City Fibre repaired the damaged Fibre connection at the telegraph pole and rewired the connection to my home yesterday the 6 April 2022. Many thanks to the Future Fibre department for sorting it. 

Regards Carol

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The City Fibre engineer has been rebooked for Wednesday 6 April afternoon appointment thanks to a really efficient Future Fibre agent who took my call on 4 April as the  1 April City Fibre engineer DIDN'T TURN UP. This was NOT the fault of Future Fibre but City Fibre. Hopefully I will get a Full Fibre connection from the telegraph pole to my ONT box tomorrow. 

Regards Carol

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City Fibre was due to fix my connection today between 8am and 1pm (re the phone call to TT Future Fibre on 24 March ) but has not arrived. I will phone 0345 172 5132 on Monday to find out what is happening. It was 28 February when the ONT box was installed. Future fibre seems to be in the very distant future in my home. I am very disappointed. 

Regards Carol

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Update: I have a City Fibre engineer visit in just over a week's time thanks to the patience of a very good TalkTalk Future Fibre agent. Hopefully I will have Full Fibre to my ONT box soon 😀

Regards Carol

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I phoned the 0345 172 5132 number and finally got through to Future  Fibre agent. Apparently, I need a City Fibre engineer to check the connection from telegraph pole to my ONT box (installed on 28 February). I will not have an answer until at least 24 March when I have to call the above TT Future Fibre number. City fibre will decide if an engineer will visit or not. So not much further forward 😤

Regards Carol

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I phoned number you suggested on 15 March and agent said to call back in 48 hours for time and date for engineer to fix line from telegraph pole to already installed ONT box. I couldn't get through to TT on 17 March  after trying for 40 minutes so I tried chat today and agent has given me another number to call 0345 172 5132. I will try this one later. This is exhausting. 😡

Regards Carol

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I haven't tried yet as I have health problems and been unwell for a few days. I will try Thursday when I can spend uninterrupted time on my laptop. Thanks Arne for your reply. 

Regards Carol

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Hi EdithNotAda


Did you get through?   


You can try number 03451720088 ask to be transferred to the Future fibre team.

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Thanks Gliwmaeden2. I will try Online Chat when I am less busy early next week. Fibre 35 is working. I moved the Sagemcom router to the living room phone line from the study and set the PC to wireless using a USB wireless connector. Many thanks for reply.

Regards EdithNotAda

Regards Carol

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Staff will not be back on here before Monday, @EdithNotAda.


You can try FutureFibre Chat after 9am:


The 03451 720074 number should also work from 9am - full details of opening hours are in a link on this page:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.