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Future fibre emails and texts

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I am getting regular emails and texts at the moment from Talk Talk asking me to call to arrange for an upgrade to Future Fibre. This makes sense as I live in an area that was upgraded last summer and the Openreach and TalkTalk checkers show FTTP as orderable as does the more detailed  BT wholesale checker.


My issue is that this is not orderable via TalkTalk, no one can tell me why not or when it will be but also no one can tell my why TalkTalk keep sending me emails and texts all the time asking me to phone in for something I can't have - it seems a waste of everyone's time. When I asked I was advised that TalkTalk don't know which areas have FTTP so they send these emails out to all their customers in the hope that some of the eligible ones phone in - given that as soon as I phoned in they could look it up and tell me I can't have it, that is either untrue or one of the daftest mailing exercises ever!


So, what is going on?




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Thank you. I've passed this over to our Marketing Team now.




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I have put a copy of an email and a text into the attached PDF.




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Would it be possible to post a screenshot of the email you received and remove any personal information before posting this. We can then feed this back to our marketing team. Please do not post any personal information on the Community.





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They said they couldn't honour what was on the email but they could give me an additional FTTP circuit for £32 per month. I didn't want that so I left it.


They also said they couldn't stop the stream of emails and texts I am getting asking me to phone up and upgrade at no extra cost so they removed all the permissions for TalkTalk emails and texts to stop it.


It just seems that irrespective of what circuit I have, it is wrong to be repeatedly offered something that isn't available to me due to a commercial decision which is dressed up as a technical issue. It is then a step worse when the company offering is someone I am already in contract with and who has all the information available to make that decision before they even write to me.


If I didn't get the emails and texts, I wouldn't even be annoying my self by asking about upgrading to FTTP! I am sure I am not the only one caught up in this - it would make sense for TalkTalk to check their mailing criteria carefully and if a mistake happens, to either be honest and explain what has happened or just to stand by it in the interests of goodwill. The tales I have been spun over the last day do the opposite.

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Hi k_edge,


What do the future fibre team say when you explain that you've received an email offering you the service at a different price?



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Well - it is available today if I pay enough - the email I got was an offer to take the existing 65 Mbps ADSL and move it to Future Fibre at no extra cost until the end of my contract. When I phone up they pretend FTTP isn't available in my area. If I phone up and ask for a new circuit at the same address, then it is available.


I think that proves that in this case TalkTalk are not necessarily willing to stand by the emails they are currently sending out to their customers. The joke is that the email makes a great play of the fact that I am being rewarded for being a loyal customer!!

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I'm sorry to hear that. Did the team advise when this would be available or if you could register your interest?





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Thanks - I tried and it looks like it is available but just not in the commercial terms of the emails I keep getting sent. I suspect they are not prepared to live up to the terms of what the email offers so they are pretending that FTTP is not available so I can't order it. 


I still find it annoying to get spammed with offers that are not real so I have had to change my communications preferences to stop it.




Support Team
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I'm sorry to hear this. I'd recommend contacting our Future Fibre Team directly by Live Chat as they should be able to look into this further for you.


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