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Hands down the worst ISP I have ever dealt with and my service hasn't even started yet!

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This has got to be the worst experience I have had  with any internet service provider.


Swapped from BT Fttp to Talk Talk Fttp and it started off with talk talk saying they needed an open reach engineer to visit the property when I was 99% sure nothing needed doing physically in my home as it was a new build property and BT handled everything off site.


Openreach engineers come and as expected nothing needed doing so was a waste of my whole day. What was worrying was that they couldn't get any Internet connection but there side was working fine so they gave talk talk a call and apparently they had to close the job off before they could activate the line.

How the hell are they supposed to check it works when they hadn't even activated the connection their end?!?


The talk talk employee told the open reach employee to give it a couple of hours and then if its doesn't work for the customer (me) to ring them back.


I then called them back after a couple of hours to which the employee told me he couldn't  activate the line as it was a back office job but I didn't believe him and called back again to speak to another operator who could magically activate the line but said it could take until midnight to activate.

The next day arrives (Saturday) and I ring them up in frustration as the Internet still is not working, the employee spots an issue and said that this should be sorted today.


Sunday comes and still no service, I phone them up again and was told the issue which was spotted on Saturday was not actioned and that she would action it and this could take 24 hours to come into affect.


Then this morning comes and still no service, call back again and talk talk say there's another open reach mismatch which again could take 24 hours.


Honestly this company is clueless and shouldn't be offering this service until they know how to actually provide it!


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I'm really sorry to hear that you've decided to cancel. I've passed feedback to our Future Fibre Team directly to feedback on the experience that you've had and I hope everything goes well with your new ISP.






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The amount of incompetence of the business is outstanding to be honest. Got told about six different excuses, finally cancelled yesterday and then I get my first follow up phone call in a week  half a day after I cancelled with them trying to explain what is going on and how they are going to fix it......... They Didn't even realise I had cancelled my service with them so they can't even manage if the workload they are doing is actually active or not. 


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This is the same thing they said to me. I got told my order wasn't placed properly so couldn't progress. I placed it myself through the TalkTalk website, got a confirmation email, the direct debit was setup, BT emailed to confirm the date of the switch etc. There seems to be some serious issues with the entire process and product. I've gone with Cuckoo for the next 12 months, switching process seems straight forward. This will be our 3rd switch to a new provider (Zen, BT and now Cuckoo) on Fttp and each time it has been a simple process. Sort it out TalkTalk! 


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I'm really sorry to hear this, and so sorry that our teams were not able to progress the order for you.



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Just an update to the ever running saga, get through this morning and apparently my order never progressed properly so they were going to have to escalate to get this sorted which would take at least four working days.


So now I've cancelled with yourselves and heading straight back to BT who have already been much more communicative and informative. 

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I'm sorry for the delay. I've just received confirmation that they are looking into this and also been advised that someone from the Future Fibre Team will be contacting you directly.





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Just an update to the above. Still do not have any service this morning either on DAY6. In this day an age services like this should not be happening, my other half is going mad as she has to work from home and is working off very spotty 4g signal. Just not good enough, if it isn't resolved soon I'll be heading straight back to BT as this is getting beyond a joke. 


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Still awaiting an update. Spoke on the phone to the team again and was told there was yet another mismatch with open reach. Must have used all the excuses out of the handbook now and still another day without Internet service. How it hasn't been sorted yet is beyond me. How can their constantly be mismatches when surely it only takes one person who knows what they are doing to check and rectify. Yet its the fourth time I've been told this. 


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Thank you. I've passed this straight over now and I will post as soon as I receive an update back.





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Hi Michelle have PM'd you as I couldn't find the notes section.




Support Team
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I'm really sorry to hear this. Please can you add your FTTP order number to the Private Notes section of your Community Profile and I will pass this straight over to our Future Fibre Team.