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Incompetent TalkTalk at its best

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Hi, Just writing on here in the off chance there is someone at TT who knows what they are doing and reads these. I am currently on day 17 of having no internet since i upgraded to FF150, buy hey lets start at the begining. I have been with TT for 16 years and apart from the early days have had no problems. In Feb i got a number of emails saying i could upgrade from my pretty good (42mps) copper connection to "the Future of fibre" in a simple pain free switch. Little did i know what hell i would endure over the next few weeks and months. I called the number and spent nearly 2 hours setting up a new FF150 contract, it was painfully slow and the operator took ages reading everything out. At the end of the call i had to say i agreed and that i would get a confirmation shortly. After a week of not reciving anything, i called to be told that there had been a problem and my order hadnt gone through, so another 1hr +- call to place a new order. I received confirmation a few days later only for it to quote different terms to those agreed on the call. I called again and had a lenghthy debate with the team as to why i was unhappy. Whilst on my mobile, a man from TT called the landline to speak to me and told me that my second order was being cancelled as the team were mis-selling packages that didnt exist as well as offering install dates that didnt exist. He took it on himself and said he would get a new order placed and that i would receive a install date from OR. Everything went through over the next few days and i was given a date for install. In the meantime a lady from customer service rang to apologise and said appropriate compensation would be provided in my account, This has not happened. The install date came and a contractor for OR put the fibre in a legged in without testing anything as there were 3 lights on the ONT. I tried to connect to the router but there was no internet.

I called TT to be told OR hadnt signed the job off yet and to try again in an hour or two, however whilst on the call, the rep said its a good job i called as hed spotted i had been set up for 0.5 mps and not 150mps. He said he would correct it and everything would be ok. Well no internet at all for 17 days with daily calls only to speak to a different person each time and to be fobbed off or lied to about what the issue is. Openreach have been 4 times and everytime confirm their network is fine, everytime i call TT i get false commitments as to when it will be corrected or complete clutching at straws comments or lies about what it might be and what they are doing about it. They very unproffesionally say that some of their colleagues dont know what they are doing, but no one has identified the issue or offered a solution.

Please, Please, Please if there is anyone in a senior technical position at TT who can help with this, please get in touch as no-one has called me from TT despite poor survey responses from me and many asks on the calls. Surely in an organisation like TT there is someone that can sort this is a prompt timeframe.


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That's great news ian001, thanks for letting us know


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Openreach been this morning, TT updated profile and all now working 🤞

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Is there any connection if you connect directly at the ONT?





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Yes 3 green lights on ONT and connected to new Wifi hub2, also tried old router and eero


Support Team
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I'm really sorry to hear this. Can I just confirm, are all the lights still on the ONT? Did you receive a different router prior to the install?