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Installation keeps getting cancelled, TalkTalk and Cityfibre can't tell me why, getting annoyed

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Short version: I'm able to get Fibre installed in my MDU building (Cityfibre network installed, got free upgrade letter, wayleave signed by myself and other tenants.) but for the 3rd time, TalkTalk has cancelled my installation. Everytime I contact the Future Fibre team about it, they don't know why and when they've tried contacting Cityfibre they get nowhere and ultimately decide that doing the order again will work.


Long version:


March 16th: a person from Cityfibre came to the building (An MDU, 4 properties) with a wayleave form to sign, giving them permission to install fibre. I signed (and the other tenants signed) and was very excited when I got a letter from TalkTalk a couple of months later detailing a free upgrade to fibre and that an engineer would visit on June 14th. I get a text from TalkTalk and then later a text from Cityfibre asking me to confirm I'll be in on the installation date, which I did.


June 14th. I took the day off from work on the date TalkTalk said the engineer would visit to install the fibre. The engineer never arrived. Talking to TalkTalk's Future Fibre department the next day, they spoke to Cityfibre who said I never signed the wayleave form I was sent in the post. I explained that I never received a wayleave form in the post, and that a person from Cityfibre came to the building and visited each flat getting a wayleave form signature.


They decided to re-do the order for future fibre with a date for June 29th. I asked if I could try contacting Cityfibre myself, TalkTalk rep said you're welcome to try, and Cityfibre emails me back two days later telling me off for trying to contact them directly instead of via TalkTalk.


June 20th: Get a random text from Cityfibre, it just says "Hi Venae" and nothing else. Weird.


June 27th: Call TalkTalk Future Fibre to rearrange engineer appointment on the 29th due to a family emergency, get told that the order has been cancelled already. I hadn't been contacted to say it had been cancelled, so it's a good thing I didn't lose money again by taking another day off work for another engineer no-show.


The TalkTalk rep contacts Cityfibre, but is unable to find out why it was cancelled and decides that re-doing the order again is the best thing to do. 3rd installation attempt booked for July 11th.


I use the wayleave form the on the Cityfibre website but as of today (July 4th) I've not been contacted by them.


Today, July 4th: I've received two texts from TalkTalk telling me that my order has yet again been cancelled, and I've received two texts from Cityfibre asking me to confirm that I'll be in on July 11th for the fibre installation. I'm so confused. I replied to Cityfibre confirming that I'll be in.


Has it been cancelled yet again?


What am I supposed to do?


Everytime I talk to the Future Fibre team, I get nowhere except another attempt without solving why it gets cancelled, so what am I supposed to do now?


Who do I speak to? I'm annoyed and confused.


Do I speak to Future Fibre again and get 4th time lucky?


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Hi @Venae


Address is correct,  you will need to contact our sales team to place an order.


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Hi Anne,


Replied via PM. Thank you.


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Hi @Venae


We have had a reply I will send it to you on a PM.




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Still no reply from Cityfibre, 1.5 weeks later?


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Hi Venae


We have contacted City fibre yesterday and we are waiting for them to reply we are expecting a reply tomorrow


I will keep you updated


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Any update on this?


As an aside, I still haven't been contacted by Cityfibre after using the wayleave form on their website (although, I've already signed a wayleave).


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Hello @Arne-TalkTalk 


No, an engineer did not arrive yesterday.


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I'll make sure that this is in the queue for attention, @Venae.


Wait to get a reply from staff before posting further, to keep your thread moving forward in the automated workflow. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I've now received a letter from Talk talk/Cityfibre detailing the installation appointment and a bag for returning old equipment, yet I was told it has been cancelled again.


Also bump for visibility.