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Is future fibre still a free upgrade?

First Timer
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Some time ago-February  I  received an email letting me know that I would be upgraded FOC to FTTP  instead of FTC.

Apparently I would be sent a text to arrange installation, I never received a text and as at  the time Openreach/BT had not installed fibre from cabinet to the overheads I wasn't overly  concerned.

At the time I checked in here and there were some admin issues at TT in regards to booking the installation.


Last couple of months BT have upgraded their overhead lines and begun installing full fibre to their customers and probably some of the TT customers.


Today I had a doorstep conversation with two lovely ladies from BT who started off by telling me  that as BT were changing to full fibre my copper line would need to be replaced.

Could they measure my internet speed to compare what I have to what I could get?

Not upgrading/swapping  would result in  seriously reduced internet speeds without their fibre connection .

Something about the upgrade is free on a BT contract but would cost 160 odd quid as a later upgrade.

And well that's where the conversation fell on deaf ears,  I don't appreciate being canvassed with  the insinuation of a charge.

Nope I'm happy with my service and price, my contract is with TT so any reduction in service is down to them...

One of the lovely young ladies called me stubborn 😊


So when are TT actually upgrading my 'full fibre' service from FTC to FTTP?

Or do I need to leave TT and go back to Virgin Media? 


Support Team
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Hi @Greyngrizzled


FTTP is available to you from TalkTalk


Best option would be to call the loyalty team on 03451720088 The will be able to see what deals are available




Community Star
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Escalating this for staff attention,  @Greyngrizzled.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.