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Move the fibre point from one room to another in the same house

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I currently have fibre 150mb data only plan.  I am very happy with it over all, I am getting the full 150mb.  The problem is I have sky q with a sky mini box, I also am running amazon eero.  So now I have 4 Eero's in a 1200 square foot house which is a bit over kill.  The only way I could get my sky q box and sky mini box to connect to the internet was to buy two extra Eero boxes one for my living room and one for my kitchen, then plug each sky box into the routers via network cable and disable wifi on them.


Currently I have my main Eero box in the hallway connected to the openreach modem, then a second in the living room, a 3rd in the kitchen.  I also have a 4th box in the study as well, as I have a work telephone it connects in to my work over the internet, the problem is it is power over Ethernet only and that would involve running a network cable down my stairs to the hallway.


I had an idea last night.  If I was able to move the fibre line coming into the house from the hallway to the study upstairs I could then get rid of the Eero in the hallway.  In fact due to the size of the house, if I moved it up stairs to the study, I could even get away with going back to the sagem super router, just run the one router.  I could have everything I need cabled into the back of the router in the study and then everything else would be able to access it via wifi.


How would I go about getting a call logged with openreach to move the fibre line?  The point outside is on the same side of the house currently as the external wall of the study, so It would just be a matter of getting a new fibre cable run from were it is now, up to the study.  


I think it would make a big difference to my internet over all. 


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I just had another idea.  I just ordered a cat 7 flat 20m network cable from amazon due to arrive tomorrow.  I am going to use it as a test, I will run the cable up stairs to the study and see how well the internet performs.  If all goes to plan I would do away with the 4 eero routers and just use the Sagem talktalk super router, I like it over all.


Plus the last Eero router I ordered from amazon I would be able to return as it is with in the 30 day return window.  If that all worked great, then I could hide the network cable under the carpet going up the stairs and not need an engineer visit.  


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Usually LVR's are chargeable, however I don't know the pricing of a FTTP LVR specifically. There is a link to the Live Chat Team at the bottom of the Help Guide in my last post and the team are available from 9am today.


Thanks 🙂



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Hi Michelle, 


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  How would I go about contacting them?  Also would there be any charge involved in having the ONT/Router moved?


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If you wanted to re-locate the ONT/router then this would be classed as a Low Volume Request. I'd recommend contacting our Future Fibre Team directly as they will be able to assist with this.


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