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Need confirmation that my cityfibre appointment is cancelled

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So I've been receiving multiple messages from different numbers informing me of a cityfibre upgrade happening to my property & that if I need to cancel all I need to do is reply "NO" & give a brief reason.


I have replied with "NO" as this is a rented property, a council house & I have not received permission from the council to have the work done. I have not received any confirmation of this being cancelled. I have called the number provided, as, in one message I was asked to contact no later than midday the day before, but, your offices are closed.


Can I get confirmation that the appointment has been cancelled?


If I don't receive any confirmation, I will not be granting access to the engineer as I will inform him that this has been cancelled & I will not be paying any additional charges




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Glad you got it sorted - and were able to check!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thank you so much for that number, turns out it hadn't been cancelled, but I've managed to get it sorted now, thanks

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To reach anybody today, use the Chat button near the bottom of this page, @kevinhill10:


You should actually also be able to reach the Future Fibre team on the phone until 5.30pm.


They may be the best people to speak to, for checking that the appointment was properly cancelled. 


03451 720088 or ending 74.


Forum staff are not back on here before Monday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.