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No show of Engineers on Install day

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What a complete waste of a day, waiting for someone to turn up and install my fibre 500.

Had equipment delivered days ago., and given a fitting date of  06/05/22, by e-mail.

Great. No one shows up to do the job.  No idea when it will be done.  To say i am annoyed is an under statement..   A day wasted waiting in.  I have better to do with my time. Just wish communication was better.  So where to go from here. Not going to spend my life waiting in the hope someone will turn up when they say and do what is promised.

I now have no clue when the job will be completed.



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At last on Monday i got a sms message to say fitting engineer now booked for 24th May.  Let's see now if any one turns up this time.

Otherwise thanks for every ones help and comments.


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I'm really sorry to hear this. Can I just confirm, have you received any confirmation of this since your last post?




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As an update.  Even though i was sent all required equipment AND and e-mail saying 6th May for install date, no one turned up.  Contacted TT via chat and was told it was 6th June.   Now it is moved to 24th May.   Even though i was told an E-mail and sms was sent to confirm new date i get absolute zero.   So no doubt i spend another wasted day on 24th May, waiting for the none existant engineer..  Does the right hand know what the left is doing.