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TT trying to persuade me to upgrade.

Jon Mac
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I don't need any help, but just need a bit of information.

I've recently been upgraded to Fibre 35, and so far all is well, but I keep getting emails, texts and phone calls, trying to persuade me to upgrade to full fibre at no extra cost, but there is no landline telephone included.


That would mean I would need to take on a Mobile phone contract at extra cost, as I currently have a basic PAYG mobile phone which wouldn't serve my current needs.


I wonder if anyone knows how soon TalkTalk will stop supplying the current PSTN lines, and force everyone onto full fibre, and will they then provide a VOIP phone service, which they don't at the moment.


Is TalkTalk TV supported by the full fibre service ?




Jon Mac
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Fibre 35 is quite fast enough for my needs, I'll hang on until FTTC is discontinued, and check out the options at that point.

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Of course if you need more speed there is still the Fibre 65 product - but I would agree with other advice if you're worried about landline wait until the VoIP products come along, I understand they are being worked on.  The Full Fibre Side of Talk Talk in terms of customer facing details, accounts etc still is very much a work in progress - the service is great but the customer service back end needs work

Jon Mac
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Thanks for that, I've come to realise recently, that is is cheaper these days to take out a Mobile phone contract with unlimited data, than to pay TT prices, I can get unlimited data, unlimited minutes, and unlimited text, for £26 a month, £10 cheaper than I'm paying to TT.



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It doesn't carry Talktalk TV and the VOIP are only at the trial stage, @Jon Mac.


I'd wait until the whole thing has matured unless you are prepared to be a guinea pig. They are hopeless at setting up the Account side of it too at the moment. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.