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Unwanted upgrade - ongoing issues

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I posted about this here a couple of weeks ago - but my issue is still not fully resolved.


In December I was contacted out of the blue by TalkTalk to say they had booked me an appointment to upgrade to Full Fibre. I did not ask for this upgrade nor want it. I rang TalkTalk and cancelled the appointment – but a few days later a router arrived in the post. I was not asked to return the router at that time.


A few weeks ago I received another email booking an appointment for a fibre installation. I asked on this forum for the appointment to be cancelled and a representative responded and assured me it had been. However I continued to receive communications from City Fibre about the upcoming installation. Eventually I rang TalkTalk and managed to cancel the appointment.


Today I have received a returns bag, label and letter asking me to return the router. I no longer have the router as I got rid of it after I cancelled the original appointment in December and was not asked at that time to return it.


Please assure me that I will not be charged for not returning a piece of equipment that I never asked for in the first place. I'm tired of endlessly trying to resolve issues relating to a service that I did not ask for.


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Thanks for letting us know.




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I have now resolved this issue with the TalkTalk team.  No further help needed.


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I have had the same on going battle for months and wasted many hours on the phone, email and chat with Talk Talk, I have now put a complaint in and no one has even bothered to contact me.

1st time I said I did not want it unless someone could explain what Talk Talk was getting out of it.

2nd time I phone to talk to a person, I agreed to it, took a day off work and the engineer did not turn up, no one notified me and I sat waiting for hours until I phoned and they said it was change to another day. I cancelled it.

3rd time on text I said no, they sent me a package anyway, I complained* and they emailed me asking for my details (common fraud tactic), I would not provide and so they kept emailing. I was so sick of the poor service and harassment I call to cancel my subscription, the person I phone offered a deal so I said yes.

I phone back to follow up my complaint and was told Talk talk do not have a complaint department, I had to phone 3 more times spend hour on the phone, I cancelled the upgrade because 'why would I stay with a company with such bad customer service and cannot respond to a simple complaint'.

I then received a message saying someone will phone me at a specific time, no one did, I had about 3-4 of these messages and each time I had to take time out of work waiting for the call and no one did.

I received a message saying the complaint would be dropped unless I contact talktalk, I went on Chat twice and both times they did not know how to help or who to speak to.

I have just received another text saying my upgrade is on its way! How many ways do I have to say no and how much of my time do I need to waste tell talktalk.

This would have been a simple phone call to explain and I would have agreed, instead it has been months of wasted time and now I will advise everyone I know not to use talktalk because of this terrible customer service.

*I did get two missed calls from an unknown number while I was at work, I do not and cannot answer my phone at work to unknow numbers due to my profession, I was later told by this was probably the complaints manager, I was made to feel like it was my fault for not answering the phone that the complaint was not dealt with.

Support Team
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