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What does this live chat mean? Has my broadband been switched or not? Translation please.

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My transfer date from BT FTTP to FutureFibre was supposed to be today, but I'm not convinced it happened. I tried live chat but got this (I've removed the agent name for confidentiality, there is no other personal info in the chat). Does anyone know what it means? I had to give up in the end.:


agent|17:54 PM
Thank you for patiently waiting again Mark. As per checking here I can see that you are on switch and no need an engineer visit today.

You|17:55 PM
OK, but will my broadband still transfer today from BT to Talktalk?

agent|17:55 PM
As per reaching out the openreach team they are doing a remote test on your line service and they will update you by tomorrow.


agent|17:56 PM
Yes they are already been transferred from BT to talktalk.


You|17:56 PM
So I should have a 500MB/S service?


agent|17:57 PM
Network activation within 18 hours for remoting the test on your line service.


You|17:58 PM
I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean.


agent|17:59 PM
I'm so sorry for the confusion. Our engineer do a remote test on your line service start 1pm to 6pm and this will gonna be okay by midnight.


agent|17:59 PM
No worries they will gonna update you about the test results.


You|18:01 PM
I'm still not clear about that. Are you saying that my broadband has already been transferred but you are testing the line?


agent|18:03 PM
Our engineer itself do a remote test on your line service by this time and they are the one who will gonna update you the results. This will gonna be okay by midnight.


You|18:04 PM
OK well I think I'll just have to wait and see then. To be honest I work in a technical field but I don't understand most of what you just said. I think I'll leave the chat now. Bye!


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I'm glad to hear that the connection is ok 🙂 Sounds lovely 🙂





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All good thanks considering it's a Monday. Broadband is behaving, I've had a chocolate croissant for breakfast and am about to make a second cup of tea. I trust you're suitably infused yourself?


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Just checking back in to see how you're getting on?




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Ok thanks for the update and we will check back in with you on Monday morning to see how you're getting on.





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OK I'm back after getting reports of things slowly falling apart back home due to lack of connectivity. The remote control wouldn't talk to the AV setup, Nest thermostat was similarly reticent. A few minutes through the door I was able to disable "Does your internet connection require a login" on the R7800 router settings which stopped it demanding authentication it didn't need or would ever get. 500Mb/s confirmed!
I'll probably give the eero router talktalk supplied a go at the weekend. Apparently there's some working from home to be caught up with right now. Cheers!


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OK thanks, please let us know how you get on


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Unfortunately I'm away from the house at work. My wife works from home and she now reports the internet is down.
I have a new router from Talktalk which has not been plugged in yet. I still have the Nighthawk R7800 I was using with BT plugged into the ONT but I'd have expected that to pick up without problems. If it's still down when I get back I'll power cycle the ONT and plug in the eero router.


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me too, I'm 2 cups in already 🙂


Can I just confirm, have you received any equipment from us? (router) Have you tried switching the ONT off and then back on again?




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Good morning, I'm fine thanks, having a cup of tea - it's a bit weak but I'll probably have another one in half an hour.
As for my broadband, the evidence suggests nothing at all has happened. I'm still with BT:

My router hasn't rebooted in 36 days and I'm using it to reply here, so no interruption of service.
My IP address is still assigned by BT
My "Pending Orders" page in my account shows a go live date of 15/6 (no year mentioned, maybe 2025 ?).
I have no other notifications by email or SMS to indicate anything has switched.

All in all, not what I'd call a great success.


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How are you getting on?




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I'd already checked my IP address which still shows up as BT, but then the chat agent said "Yes they are already been transferred from BT to talktalk.".  I left feeling at least as confused as when I started. After sitting down with a beer I suspect the migration has not yet properly begun, but might be completed either by midnight today, or tomorrow depending on when the 1pm to 6pm test period begins. I'm basing this on the idea that the term "update" actually means "migrate". After all, I don't need a bunch of diagnostics, I just need broadband so maybe that's what was meant.
I don't expect everybody in the world to have a good command of English, except when they're actually advising English speaking customers in a customer service job. I think it's unfair on everyone (agent and customer) to put them in that position without adequate training. Oh well, as I say I'll just have to wait and see (and suffer if the family notice the wifi is dead tomorrow). 😬


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If your internet is working, find your public IP address and see which ISP it is allocated to.



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I think it's gonna be updated by midnight?  😉