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Will our landline be cut off tomorrow?

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Hi, this is urgent!


We have Fibre 65 for our landline which is an important business phone. We got a phone call a few months ago from TalkTalk saying we can keep our International Max Calls Boost and also our Unlimited UK Calls Boost if we agree on the phone to upgrade to Fibre 150.


The engineers have had a first visit and we received weird Amazon device, but they are coming tomorrow to complete the transition.


The email I received does not say anything about the improved landline service, only "Welcome to Future Fibre."


I *definitely* only agreed to upgrade because we were offered to retain the two boosts at the same price on the landline.


In addition we need to keep our landline phone number the same, it is for business contacts of many years standing.


When Openreach engineers come tomorrow, I knowthe ONT box they install will have a phone jack. Are recent posts here  saying nothing will happen if we plug the landline into it, and we continue to depend on the copper connection?


Does BT realize this? Are we assured they are not going to disconnect our landline? That would be terrible.


Our Fibre 65 contract runs until next year and we were told on the phone we'll have it extended to 18 months starting now.


It would be terrible if the engineers just disconnect the landline due to a misunderstanding. We do not care about the internet very much.




PS  If we need to arrange a VOIP, I think it might be important to cancel the engineer appointment until we can be sure we will not lose the original landline number?  So confusing! It is not clear what TalkTalk is going to do for us....whether they expect us to continue to use the copper connection or have arranged something for us on the fibre ONT box...and if we get it wrong and just allow the engineer to make the change and there is no landline service it would be a terrible tragedy for us to lose all those business contacts who know us by our landline number.

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The future fibre team will be able to escalate this further for you. Are you still in contact with the team via Live Chat?





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Escalated for you!


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Just to say, this WOULD have happened if I hadn't chatted with the Future Fibre team and communicated to the enginner to leave MPF services intact!!


It is up to the customer to tell the engineer what to do, they arrive with no instructions regarding MPF service.

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Hi, I have an update:  I chatted with the Future Fibre team, they said "Your landline will use MPF via the master socket"  [not the phone socket on the digital wi-fi hub]."


The engineer diid NOT know what to do, he was prepared to rip out the master socket. He said Openreach is meant to be separate from BT but in practise he only knows about BT.


I asked if he can communicate to the boss not to turn off the master socket, and he said in that respect the boss is just TalkTalk.


I have now got both Future Fibre and my landline,  I note that on 'my account' it still lists my package as 'fibre 65'.  I can't find any description anywhere  online of the package I'm actuallly on.


The Future Fibre team is great, but if I hadn't known to go to them, the engineer might well have removed the master socket, as they do for BT customers.


Please escalate this, I must not be the only customer who is worried by the absence of installation instructions for fibre + master socket.

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@DimitraHartas If they are coming tomorrow then you have left it very late. All I can suggest is that you check the position with the engineers when they arrive and if they confirm that your phoneline will be disconnected then all you can do is ask them not to go ahead with the installation. Bear in mind that a standard TalkTalk consumer service is not designed to support business use, either with your phone, or internet connection. 

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@martswain wrote:

If you are having Future Fibre installed and have NOT been invited to be part of the VoiP trial you will lose your landline.


The copper line will be disconnected and the number lost.


Not necessarily so. I've got FTTP and my original copper line and number. 


Support Team
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I'd recommend contacting our Future Fibre Team via Live Chat as they will be able to look into this further for you and advise.


Your Future Fibre Support Hub





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If you are having Future Fibre installed and have NOT been invited to be part of the VoiP trial you will lose your landline.


The copper line will be disconnected and the number lost.