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eero 6 pro - speed query

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So my fancy new FF500 was installed today. 
BT openreach bod did a great job, all nice and neat.


Tried my own router, got a connection, was maxing out at around 120Mbps, so have gone with the eero for now. (old-ish router, so might be that - possibly)


Did some testing....


eero app reports between 440 and 520 down, 73 up. Excellent.


Mobile phone tests - 390 down - 327 down / 72.1 up


Laptop (wifi, no ethernet available) - 130 down - 120 down / 58 up


desktop (via powerline, running at 484Mbps between sockets, gigabit ethernet ports at either end) - 140 down / 71 up - 133 down / 72 up


So the upload speed is relatively stable at around 70Mbps, but the download has a fairly wide range.


Anyone else seen results as varied as this? 



Matt, IT Pro (20-odd years poking at various technical bits), Gamer, Drinker of fine Real Ale

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Yes I've seen quite varied results on the Eero 6 Pro router.  Some of it I think is just down to variation in the wifi but I've noticed sometimes the router jumps bands from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz for a device and causes a drop in speed then will go back onto 5Ghz and the speed will pick up again.  The change in bands seems to happen even if the device has a good signal to the router so I can't see why it does it, after having some issues with 2.4Ghz only devices the Eero series seem known for some strangeness with the bands.  There's no way to split the bands with their own SSIDs and not much control over the bands either (aside from to temporarily disable 5Ghz) so there doesn't seem much you can do.


I've not used powerline for a while as they don't seem to work well in my house although never had anything like the speeds they claimed they were running at.  My work laptop (Lenovo X390) doesn't seem to get great speeds from its Wifi 5 card, one of my gaming machines has a Qualcomm wifi 5 card which runs ok most of the time (apart from jumping to 2.4Ghz) but thinking of trying an Intel AX210 to see if it gets any better speeds.


Admittedly I've generally not spent a huge amount of time after the initial install testing speeds as the devices that need the speed are connected through ethernet to a wireless bridge (using another Eero 6 pro) and get the maximum speed of the WAN connection.


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PLAs are rated for 1300Mbps (TP -Link WPA8631P). Cat 5e cables.

App for the PLAs is showing steady at 450+Mbps


I agree, i'd expect to see the best speed via direct ethernet connection, but i would've thought ethernet via PLA would be next.
Whereas its almost the slowest, and the mobile phone is showing the fastest.


Even after 20 years in IT, i still expect things to be logical....i should really know better by now 🙂


Matt, IT Pro (20-odd years poking at various technical bits), Gamer, Drinker of fine Real Ale

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The only way you are likely to see the best speed available is with a direct ethernet connection. What is the throughput capacity of your PLAs? Also make sure you are using no less than Cat 5e cables.