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where is the phone port on sagecom FAST5364 wifi hub??

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where is the phone port on Sagecom FAST5364 wifi hub??

The line is upgraded to Full fibre installion, product fibre 65.

recieved leads but no voiceboc to connect!


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Hi SeaEagle


Did you have a MPF leave behind? This is when the old copper line is used for the phone service, you connect the phone at the old master socket.

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Hi SeaEagle 


We need to find out fairly quickly what broadband service has been ordered. Fibre 65 is a fibre to the cabinet connection and the service comes to your father's home exactly the same way as the Fast Broadband service via the Master Socket. No change to the phone in the house. 


Fibre 65 Data Only is the full fibre to the home and requires installation by an engineer. 


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plus the system acknowleged the router, that not needed to be changed.

I assummed it would be a adapter or digital box to connect.


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thank you Gondola for your reply.

the is no.

the account is my elderly father, and I renewed the contract in to fibre65 from fast broadband.

I did explained to the Talktalk on his behalf that there is something missing for the house phone to connect into the router!!!

I recevied the leads that i dont need.

 I guessed i have to order a voice box??


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Hi SeaEagle 


The Fibre 65 Data only product is supplied with the Sagemcom 5364 Wi-Fi Hub. There is no Digital voice port. 


The Wi-Fi Hub 2 Sagemcom 5464 has a Digital voice port. 


Were you advised that you would have a Digital voice service?

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