Ultra-reliable, ultrafast Future Fibre internet

Future Fibre

Future Fibre is brand new broadband technology that provides great performance, fewer drop-outs and impressive speeds. Your broadband will never be limited by distance from the exchange or your street cabinet because we use fibre optic cabling straight into your home.


Great performance

Fewer drop-outs and impressive speeds of up to 500 Mbps


Powerful fibre cabling

You'll always be connected, even if you live far from the exchange


Unbeatable technology

You're ready for anything online, from 4K streaming to VR gaming

How do I sign up?

We’re delighted to be bringing Future Fibre to customers across the UK.

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Your installation

Here's how our engineer will install your services.

Getting set up

Set up your Wi-Fi Hub for Future Fibre.

What affects your speed

Learn about what affects your broadband speed.

Using HomeSafe

Here's how HomeSafe works with Future Fibre.

About your bill

About your Future Fibre bill and using My Account


Fix any problems with your connection.


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