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AVM FRITZ!Box 7590 on TalkTalk fibre

Wizz Kid



This may be a silly question...


Has anyone used AVM 7590 before, or another modem/router from this AVM?  Is this product any good with TalkTalk fibre?


Are there any settings needed to get it working on TalkTalk fibre?


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Dodgydrains,


I've included a Help Article below 🙂


Set up a non-TalkTalk router




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Did you go for the 7590? I've been using a 7490 with TT for years.

First Timer

AVM Fritz!Box 7530 (OS: 7.10) works very well with TalkTalk: Here are my settings:


Internet>Account Information>Internet connection
Internet service provider: TalkTalk
Connect via: Connection to a DSL line
Account Information: Is account information required? No.
Connection Settings:
VLAN Settings: Use VLAN for internet access: Yes- VLAN-ID: 101
DSL ATM Settings: VPI 0, VCI 38.
Bridged (Routed Bridge Encapsulation): Yes
Obtain the IO adress automatically (DHCP): Yes

Repeat Guest

I have a FritzBox 7530 and trying to follow the advice on a number of TT community threads on how to connect it, so far to no avail.


I am using the user name of number@tt and the password of 123456 because the 7530 will not do anything without a username and password and the above were suggested as viable.

I am using VLAN ID of 101

I am using VPI of 0 and VC! of 38

I can choose from PPPoE, PPPoA/LLC or PPPoa/VC-MUX for encapsulation but whichever I choose, and most threads suggest PPPoe is the correct one, I still don't get connected.


A definitive answer from a member of TT staff would be appreciated.

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@Bob Owen TT staff can’t help with non-TT equipment. You need auto DHCP and/or IPoE or similar. Start your own topic if you are still stuck. Did the post immediately before yours not help?

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The post before mine helped but there is no Bridged Routed encapsulation option in the 7530 internet setup screen.  I will look for your suggestions later.  Thanks.