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Adding third party router

First Timer

Hi I start with talk talk next week I've a top of the range asus router rt-ac5300 can I use the talktsk router in modem mode so I can use the asus router instead ? Or can I relate the talktalk router and use a bt openreach modem connected to my asus router ? And If so what details do I put into the Asus router 

Enlightened One

No option to use the tt supplied kit on modem only.

Probably easier to use the openreach fttc modem rather than having to change stuff in the supplied router/modem settings.


First Timer

Anyone know what I actaully input to the asus router to get it to work with talktalk . Is there a step by step guide guide . I'm going to use an openreach modem connected to the asus router 

First Timer

did you have any luck? im doing the same with a AC5300 and a draytek modem

Popular Poster

This is a pretty old thread but in case anyone else hits it when looking for advice on third party modems, here's my experience.

My HG633 couldn't handle a dozen wifi devices, TV and a PC running Skype. One or other device lost internet connectivity every day or two. TalkTalk wouldn't provide a better router at a sensible price.

Despite the complicated sounding instructions from Talk Talk about connecting a third party modem/router I decided to give it a go with a TP link Archer 2800.

It turned out to be a doddle. I followed the TP link quick start guide and in 10 minutes everything was up and running. I didn't need to enter any technical details, just the name of my internet provider. I was a bit bothered about the IPTV and spent a little while looking how to set this up but in the event it seems that having selected TalkTalk as my IP during setup the router had already done it for me.

I can now watch streamed HDTV while my wife Skypes and my various internet of things devices all remain connected and swapping data. My Netgear extenders didn't fuss about the change of router, I just reran the WPA link. Happy Days!

My problems were with my home network rather than the connection to the exchange but with the new modem/router the external connection is at least as good as it was before.


I am glad you posted this as I plan to use the same third party router I just want a bit more control than the sagemcom router provided supplied by provider