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Anyone replaced their TalkTalk Super Router Fast 5364 with 3rd Party Router?

First Timer

Hi, I’ve been with TalkTalk for a while And want to replace the Sagemcom Fast 5364 with a third party router with better security features.


I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Should I go for a VDSL/ router or separates? 


I have Wi-Fi to a network switch running, not all the time, 3 windows PCs, 2 NAS devices, 5 Linux devices, plus the usual tablets and phones, along with WiFi CCTV.


I like the look and reviews of the ASU’s routers.


any comments appreciated.


thanks, Dave

Insightful One
I've got the Sagecom but have never connected it, as I've use a 3rd party router for many years. I am using a Draytek Vigor 2762 which performs well and offers comprehensive security features. For example I've isolated my CCTV cameras on their own network and set up various firewall rules to stop them talking to the manufacturer in China, I've also set up a dedicated guest network. It also has a built-in VPN server which allows me to link into my own network, and the internet, via VPN when away from home. Of course there are plenty of other routers which offer better security features than the Sagecom, such as ASUS, Fritzbox, Netgear, and TP-Link, not to mention the more business focused routers. So it is a case is deciding on your budget and the features you want, eg do you want to run Openwrt, and choosing the one that best meets your needs.
Wise Owl

Nothing to stop you replacing the awful Talktalk router.


I have 1 in my loft, never seen the light of day.  I used to have a HG635, but it died.  the replacement couldnt' be put into modem only mode, so I purchased a TP-Link ww-9970 modem/router for about £25.

The TPLink is setup in Bridged mode (VLANID=101) and my Asus router connects to port 1 where it is set to Automatic IP (DHCP) for the WAN and picks up the Wan IP Address passed through the modem. 


I have had Asus Routers for many years (currently have an RT-AC66u-B1 as my main router with a hardwired RT-AC68u in another part of the house). Both work extremely well and offer some nifty features (openVPN server being the most used).  I have 2 NAS', Alarm, Circle, Gigaset IP phone, plenty of wifi devices, multiple windows/Android phones/tablet, oh and I work from home, so VPN constantly.  Never skipped a beat.  Can't vouch for others, but Draytek supposed to be very good routers, but not the best DSL modems.


Community Star

If you do want to choose your own router then you can use any current TalkTalk model in Bridge mode as described above. Otherwise a combined VDSL modem/router is probably the most elegant and economical solution. 

Whizz Kid

I have just gone through the process of replacing  my WifiHub with a xDSL modem. 


I have put in a Huawei HG612 xDSL modem for my VDSL 80/20 connection, wired that up to my router and its working perfectly. 


Router gets a  Public IP address on the WAN connection.  


Everything else internal to the LAN and WLAN unchanged. 


I  took a chance on a 2nd hand modem for £20, took about 15 mins to setup and been running fine.   I had shortlisted the draytek 130 modem but thought I would try the HG612 as its a tried, tested and stable. 


I prefer having a separate modem, router, managed switches (for  VLANs) and Wireless access points.  


All comes down to your own needs and use case.  Fully get wanting to have more security// greater control of the router. 





Insightful One
Good to hear you've got a soulution you are happy with up and running