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Bush Smart TV

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Anyone Help


Just purchased a Bush Smart TV, with a wireless dongle.

Every time I connect the wireless dongle I get the message connected. But when trying to connect to the Internet I get the message saying no Internet response.


I have a talktalk wireless router


Any help,much appreciated 


Thanks Claire

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Welcome to the forum


The dongle should be giving you a connection to the router, but many TV's are not good at getting their network details from the router to get out any further.


I would suggest entering them manually in the TV network settings.


I would suggest these settings;











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Hiya Fred
The above did not work, still does not connect. Could tHe problem be my router?

Thanks Claire
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Works fine if I bring the tv down and connect with a wire
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Try changing wireless channel in router


Try changing encryption setting in router (i.e WPA only for example)


If needs be, try it with no encryption (I wouldn't recommend set up like this for everyday use but it rules out adapter/router compatibility issues perhaps)


What make/model is the dongle?


what make/model is the router?

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I bought this same tv for christmas. I had to move the around a few times just like an old fashioned tv arial before it would work but I have had a more recent problem with the tv. My wife unplugged it the other day now i cannot get the internet at all. I have been told that the software is now out of date. You will need to contact the bush help desk ( number on tv instruction booklet ) and they will send you a new dongle with the updated software. You can also contact argos help line. I don't know is this problen is the exact same as yours but you will probebly need the updated dongle anyway.

hope this has been some help.