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Bye bye talk talk

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Talk talk wanted £25.95pm for me to stay on superfast fibre, Vodafone was not only £2 less at £23.95 but also had a £100 Amazon voucher for switching. Looks like you still have to switch every time your contract ends to get the best deal.

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Hi @MangyWolf 


Superfast from Vodafone is actually £21.95 if you're a Vodafone Mobile customer BUT, and it's a big BUT the £100 Amazon voucher is not offered by Vodafone and you shouldn't bank on it as these customers found out. Makes for interesting reading.


On 31 January, the TalkTalk CEO commented on the current market promotions.


"The market is always competitive. TalkTalk are seeing people focused more on loyalty. TalkTalk are keen to avoid the very very low new acquisition promotions and then hikes in the back-book."


TalkTalk's expectation is to see a levelling of the front-book to back-book pricing which in layman speak is the difference between the price a new customer pays versus the price the customer pays when the contract ends.


I think TalkTalk hope that offering existing customers the same deal as new customers so this 'levelling' of pricing for loyal customers will be achieved.

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TalkTalk of course now have to advise existing customers whose contracts are coming to an end of best current offers, courtesy of Ofcom.

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And indeed I can confirm that that was my experience only last week...except that I had to resort to CEO Complaints Manager intervention (via an OCE on this Community) to actually be able to renew my contract at all, thanks to the incompetence of a TT renewal agent!