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Government petition to cover Fast broadband costs for exchange only lines

Team Player

This is such a problem the government need to step in and force openreach or provide funds to cover costs.


Click this link to sign the petition:


Force the unlock of Exchange Only Broadband lines or provide funds cover costs

Exchange only lines are those that do not have a cabinet and are usually feet from the exchange. Due to the way the lines have been configured, EO lines that go directly into the exchange (no cabinet) cannot get super fast broadband. This is not the fault of the home owner.

OFCOM will not move this forward either so the government must step in to unlock EO lines and force companies to upgrade these lines or find a solution. This affects hundreds of properties around the country, despite being in busy towns and cities, they cannot get fast broadband. The current UK broadband backend provider (openreach) must be take over the costs and be held responsible Failing this the government must set up a fund to unlock these lines in order to offer all super fast broadband.